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Ever wake up feeling like you could change the world?  Or how about the opposite - that even the biggest efforts you make will go unnoticed? Each day, I wake up thinking both but having the confidence that each new change I make in my life will make a difference in my children's lives.  For each word I share with my readers, I will affect how just one of you think...

I'm Randi.  I've been an athlete, studied engineering and criminal psychology, a manager, a mother and wife, and now a blogger.  I've got intense Irish pride yet I was once "Greek".  I am not the first wife to my husband but the last.  I have overcome the struggles of growing up, losing jobs, becoming a step mother, being a wife, raising boys, making mistakes, losing friends and making new ones.  I am 30 and still don't have a clue how my life is supposed to happen.  I am a social "ladybug".  I love to host parties and have one every excuse I come up with!  I've also been accused of turning into a "hippie" because of the focus I have put on my family becoming more "green"! 

I am not perfect nor are the thoughts I share in my posts but they are REAL.  I don't believe in a review that repeats exactly what you see on a companies website.  I want you to know what I REALLY think - good or bad.  I have firm beliefs but I will never push them on anyone and will always give you heads up in the beginning of my post so you don't have to read something if it disagrees with you.  I don't believe in "appropriate" posts to cater to one set of beliefs.  I want you to know the REAL me - even if you don't agree with my opinion or like my personality after.  I post embarrassing moments and share my true feelings all the time.  I am who I am, I like me and I'm not afraid of what others may think of me. 

I promise this isn't going to be your average blog so you shouldn't expect to feel the same you did yesterday after getting to know me.  You will probably laugh a lot (at me), possibly cry a little, feel motivated or more creative and maybe even confused at times.  I HEAR everything you say and take it all to heart - once you've become a friend of ladybug you will have a loyal follower and friend in return...

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