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The Internet has opened the door to a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to gaining the flexibility to work your own hours from home on projects that interest you. One online prospect that many are choosing to pursue is career blogging, which gives people the freedom to write about things they are passionate about for a living – once you’ve decided on blogging, the next step is choosing a niche!

Your niche should be something that you are passionate about, in this example we are focusing on people who love to travel, so setting up a travel blog is ideal and gives you the freedom and flexibility to earn a wage whilst you see the world.

Once you have your new travel blog setup, you are ready to begin writing your first posts. To get the ball rolling, we have put together some topic ideas that you could use for inspiration:

1. How to be safe on your trip
When traveling, people need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Being oblivious to potential dangers could cause you to end up in a number of troublesome situations that could seriously hinder your travel plans. Before travelling, people need to be able to educate themselves when it comes to avoiding certain areas or activities that might put them at risk. You can help them with this by advising what to do and what not to do to have a safe and fun time travelling.

2. Ways to save money on travel expenses
Traveling can be very expensive, especially if you are inexperienced at finding the cheapest plane tickets, accommodation, rental cars, places to eat, etc. The seasoned traveler will have many tips they can share, for example, utilizing comparison websites to book accommodation or plane tickets can help stretch your travel budget – these types of shares are invaluable to your blogs reader base and should come in handy for them on their travels.

3. The best attractions to see
For short-term travelling such as vacations, holidaymakers generally have a limited amount of time to try and see all of the attractions they intend to. By providing your audience with scenic, excursion and attraction recommendations, ways to get around and times to visit or avoid visiting places you could help them see/do that extra bit more on their trip.

If you are thinking of setting up your own travel blog then travel company specialists, The-travel-franchise.com/ can help advise you. The Travel Franchise make setting up a travel blog and company hassle-free and provide you with all the training resources that you will need.

Good luck and happy blogging/travelling!

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