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Because my family would frequently visit Frankenmuth 25 years ago when I was a child, every thought of the city has a special memory for me.  Now with a family of my own, I want my children to enjoy the same great experiences I had as well as form great memories and traditions for our own family.  This isn't a place you can read about online without experiencing it yourself and honestly, you'll need multiple trips to do it all with everything they have going on through the year.  There is so much to talk about it's hard to fit this all into one post so here is part 2. (Read part 1)

As if we even needed to leave the lodge with all the activities and shopping on site, there are over 40 shops located within walking distance of the hotel.  We found tons to do at the River Place Shops which was an outdoor shopping collection (outdoor mall).  The Castle Shops selection is another shopping area near the resort and if weather permits, there are TONS (yes TONS) more walking up and down the streets of Frankenmuth.

If you don't feel like walking, the distance is only a minute drive with lots of parking available at each shop.  Our personal favorite was the Cheese Haus which has over 120 kinds of cheese.  We were in heaven between all the cheeses, specialty gifts, and other unique foods.  While we were out, the kids were thrilled to see the beautiful horse-drawn carriages and while we just weren't dressed to enjoy the ride, they spent some time feeding and petting the majestic horses.

As I mentioned before, Bavarian Inn Restaurant is a must visit as part of your experience in Frankenmuth, MI.  Featuring world-famous “all-you-can-eat” family-style dinners, the Bavarian Inn Restaurant has more than you can imagine stuffing your face full of.  Because I had been to the restaurant before (even a long time ago), I knew we would have lots of food to try and enjoy during dinner.  We made sure not to fill up before dinner with all the snacks and sampling while shopping and our lunch was an early one just in case.

While we made a reservation, I can tell you there was a very small wait of people even during the Spring Break bustle.  We were sat right away and how everything worked for dinner was explained to us.  Every staff member is dressed with the German theme and while we were there, someone even floated around the restaurant playing requested songs on an accordion.  It's easy to see why the Bavarian Inn Restaurant was "Voted Most Kid-Friendly Atmosphere by the readers of Great Lakes Bay Magazine".

The service was fantastic with lots of attention and interaction throughout dinner!  The kids loved how our server addressed each of them each time she approached the table.  Coming from a very extensive restaurant background, I consider myself to be extremely thorough in my evaluations of any hospitality establishment.  Now having children, they are a very important part of that experience.  When each member of my family walks out happy and satisfied, it's a win for the business and we usually boast about the experience every chance we get!

Because I briefly mentioned an onion allergy to the server, I was prepped better than any other restaurant I've ever been to on each and every ingredient which might have onions or even onion powder on, in, or around it.  Because my allergy is mild, I never thought twice about how other restaurants informed me of this.  After such an informative and wonderful experience learning about the foods, no restaurant will compare again.

Our family style dinner was more than enough food for our family of five even with two boys and my appetite while pregnant.  Even though the meals are all-you-care-to-eat style, we never made it to a 2nd round of servings.  All Family Style Dinner Meals are served in courses and include:
SOUP - Noodle Soup
SALADS and BREADS - Bread of the Day and Homemade White Bread (Backofenbrot)
Cole Slaw, Pasta Salad
Plus Two Housemade Salads
ENTRÉE ACCOMPANIMENTS - Baked Dressing, Hot Vegetable du Jour,
and Bavarian Inn Buttered Noodles
Baked Dressing, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy (Chicken Dinners) or Potato Cheese Puffs and Sauerkraut (German and Plate Dinners)
DESSERT - Homemade Ice Cream

We were huge fans of the flavored lemonades (especially with the cute little umbrella).  The entire family loved the soup, breads, coleslaw, and pasta salad.  I wouldn't have considered our additional "salads" as actual salads personally but more of sides and no one was really a fan of these.  They were a bean salad mix of sorts and diced cranberries.  To be completely honest, our family would have appreciated something else like an actual leaf salad or a vegetable.

The Buttered Noodles left a bit to be desired as they were really dry with little flavor.  The Hot Vegetable du Jour was a mashed squash which too was a little plain.  Again, I would have loved to see some type of steamed vegetable to better compliment the meals.  I loved the Baked Dressing, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy with my Chicken Dinner.  Those at my table who ordered the German and Plate Dinners, were fans of the Potato Cheese Puffs but unfortunately were not brought a helping of Sauerkraut so I can't tell you how that was.

Being a Michigan local, I have to say it makes me quite proud to share that "The Bavarian Inn Restaurant uses more Michigan-made products than any other restaurant".  When initially looking at the menu, some might feel overwhelmed or even think it's a bit to pricey.  Your meal is worth every penny and then some when you realize how much food you are getting.  *NOTE: All dishes from your FIRST platter may be taken home.

Since we never made it to a second round, we took our food back to the hotel which had a fridge in the room.  The only bummer is that not only did the rooms not have a microwave for heating, but they didn't even have one per floor.  We had to head to the first floor and join the single microwave line to heat up our meals later that evening.  As if they weren't great when they were fresh at dinner, they were just as good reheated at home and kept the kiddos happy for another meal!

Our visit took place during the Bavarian Easter Celebration.  Back before I was married, I made the trip for their World Expo of Beer® and it was one of the best times I ever had.  The Frankenmudder sounds perfect for those who enjoy the mud runs, obstacle courses, and an active lifestyle.  But one of the best times of year to visit the town might just be during the Christmas holiday!

There are discounts for group events and travel all available at the Bavarian Inn.  Plus, meetings and especially a wedding held there would be an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.  If your heading to Frankenmuth this Summer (which you SHOULD be), make sure you check out the calendar of events to see what they have going on each day, weekend, and month.  Believe me when I say there is always something going on and an event for every interest.

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