Changing the Definition of Healthy #FitnFree16

This week I decided to start a journey in changing my definition of healthy.  

I want to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.  This is for more reasons than one but most importantly for myself personally AND for my children.  First, I want to be happy with myself on all levels and for no one but myself.  Second, I want to lead by example.  I want others to see my confidence and free spirited nature so much they gain a sense of motivation in themselves. Thirdly, I want my children to see a change in me, look up to that positivism, and learn to live their lives happy with themselves in all aspects.

Healthiness and Happiness come in all shapes, sizes, colors.  Originally, if you would have asked me to describe the definition of "healthy", I would have said:

Athletic build/weight
Eating 3 small portioned meals a day w/ 2 snacks
No alcohol or sweets
Same sleep, meal, work routing daily
No eating out
Working out a minimum of an hour a day
Little to no flexibility on anything above

Well....Healthiness and Happiness come in all shapes, sizes, colors.  And I've decided while it is about setting better schedules and plans, it's also about living in the moment, not giving up on yourself, and determining what YOUR healthy is.

Anyone  who might be interested in feeling better in all areas of their lives, getting all around healthy (YOUR healthy), and trying to live freely with less stress, JOIN ME!  There are no rules, no requirements, and no schedules, unless YOU want them.  Let's help support each other when it comes to eating, fitness, stress, routines, temptations, road blocks, family, AND FUN.


As an incentive for at least the first month and starting with me, I've decided to work with several brands to reward those who want to join me.  Since this will hopefully be so successful we can continue it throughout the year, I want you to know it's not limited to this month only.  The sponsors are going to continue to join in and help support us through this journey wherever it may take us!

This Giveaway is flexible and more sponsors will be added as they decide to join but ONE lucky A Lucky Ladybug reader will win the entire package at the end of the month.

*Keep in mind this giveaway is different with a lot more flexible entries and geared more towards sharing and being social than just following links and sharing the same generic messages.  It's all personal to you and what you are working on as well as what you want to share...Let's have fun, get healthy, and enjoy life together!

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  1. I am looking to get healthy in a few ways. I'm looking to lower my stress levels (perhaps with meditation or a daily laugh, I don't know), and I'm looking to feel better about myself. Yes, that will probably include losing a few pounds, but it's more about being free from pain and able to be more "free" being me, if that makes sense. I think encouragement and reminders that I'm not alone will be most helpful!

  2. I am eating high protein / low carb. I am committed to taking 10000 steps per day. No colas / carbonated drinks. Eating light and healthy.