Body Sculpt Wraps #BSW Review

I, like a lot of bloggers and stay at home mother, struggle with weight loss .  While I am constantly on the go with my two boys, I rarely have time to eat healthy or even work out.  I am always looking for easier ways to naturally (or easily) get myself into a healthier routine.  With that being said, when Body Sculpt Wraps asked if I'd be willing to try out some of their products for the new year, I knew it would be a good opportunity to get into a new routine.  I haven't made any New Years resolutions, however 2016 will hopefully bring some good change for our family and my personal health.

I was sent over their  Body Sculpt Wraps® and a Body Sculpt Wraps ShapeWear® as well some guidance on improving my routines and diet habits.  I've tried wrap products in the past but it's been years since I have on my stomach (and it's been since right after having kids).  Being that my body and hormones have all settled since my youngest is now 5, I figured it might be a good time to give the trend another try.  I usually try to do my own thing even when products like this become a fad.  I honestly feel like everyone loses weight differently and not all the trending products and fads are going to work the same for me or you or the next person.

That being said, I did not have initially high hopes for this since in the past it had an opposite affect on my body.  But who doesn't want to see a weight loss or thinning affect on their body without having to spend hours in a gym!?  These wraps as opposed to the "other" brand I had tried in the past, had no smell to them.  The wraps don't actually say how often they can be used but to achieve the maximum results, they need to be worn for 6 minutes minimum.  They also are supposed to have a better results when worn with their Body Sculpt Wraps ShapeWear® and especially if you can wear these with the ShapeWear overnight.

This is crazy if you ask me!  While I am always one who tries to push the envelope and would love to wear these for maybe a couple hours, 6-8 hours just seems a bit much.  Who has that much time even if they can be worn discretely, are home majority of their day, OR they wear them overnight.  Initially, the wraps made my mid-section all cold and tingly.  I will say this, I did start to itch like crazy towards the end of the long session but I think it was really because of the saran wrap around my belly.  I also have to add that the Shapewear is NOT one size fits all.  Yes it is supposed to be tight and snug but this would not come up over my thighs without a fight.  I could hear tearing in the seams too.  I might be overweight but I am no wear near as big as I would think people trying to use this product might be.  Plus I am extremely short and the fact that it wouldn't reach from shoulder to crotch says their sizing is way off.

After the first wrap my skin felt a cooling (but not uncomfortable) sensation. I took before and after photos each of the sessions as you can see the difference.  I actually looked a bit bloated after the first session if you ask me.  Not with the first (as you can see no change the measurements) but after a few sessions I noticed an overall slimmed look.  I felt like my skin felt healthier with each wrap application and I think the idea of using shapewear in conjunction with the wraps is a good idea if the sizing were better.  I may not be down in weight or a ton of inches at least according to my goals, but I feel much better.

Session 1
Before: Waist - 41" Abdomen - 45"
After: Waist - 41" Abdomen - 45"
Session 2
Before: Waist - 41" Abdomen - 45"
After: Waist - 40" Abdomen - 45"
Session 3
Before: Waist - 41" Abdomen - 45"
After: Waist - 39" Abdomen - 43"

Available to Purchase:  $59.95 - 2 Pack
Body Sculpt Wraps ShapeWear® $39

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