Making Sure You Have the Gear for Safe Working

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The elements can work against you when you face a day of climbing and cutting trees, handling dangerous equipment, and hauling logs, rocks, and other heavy items. The moisture from the humidity and rain and the loose dirt and soil, among other environmental hazards, can cause you to slip, fall, and suffer injuries if you lack proper safety equipment. Because you must take into consideration the elements at all times, you can find gear that lets you work safely when you shop online. You can also request for equipment to be made for you if you need dimensions that are not available on the website.


al fresco Game Day Fun #Giveaway

        One of the best times of year for our family is football season.  My husband comes from a family which is die hard into football even in the off season.  He too loves football and being that my boys are obsessed with being anything like Daddy, they are quickly falling in love with football.  We love to tailgate any time we can and frequently try to throw football parties for any game we can.  Being such big entertainers and quite the party'ers in my household, Superbowl is an action filled time for us.


Body Sculpt Wraps #BSW Review

I, like a lot of bloggers and stay at home mother, struggle with weight loss .  While I am constantly on the go with my two boys, I rarely have time to eat healthy or even work out.  I am always looking for easier ways to naturally (or easily) get myself into a healthier routine.  With that being said, when Body Sculpt Wraps asked if I'd be willing to try out some of their products for the new year, I knew it would be a good opportunity to get into a new routine.  I haven't made any New Years resolutions, however 2016 will hopefully bring some good change for our family and my personal health.