2015 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide - Foodies and Entertainers #HGG

        OK maybe your not sure what it's like to be a gourmet chef, baking extraordinaire, or grilling guru.....but maybe someone you know is.  Whether your buying for a total foodie, personal chef, or homemaker who loves to cook everything from scratch, I've got some really great products for food lovers of all levels this holiday!

1. Salad Power 
        I love salads - plain and simple.  I do NOT like the prep that goes into making a salad every day nor do I enjoy the cost.  Not only are there a thousand dieting products available for purchase these days, but most are packed full of ingredients which are terrible for you! "SaladPower is the world's first drinkable salad."  Jam packed with a superfood veggie salad blend, now you can have your salad and drink it too!

        Salad Power is available in four flavors - Just Veggies, +Apple, +Pineapple, +Mango.  Each bottle is filled with only 100% natural, non-GMO juices packed full of vitamins.  With mango at the highest calorie count of all the flavors, each has less than 163 calories per bottle!  Think along the lines of your popular vegetable juices yet nothing like you've ever tasted.  You can honestly take your salad to go wherever, whenever!
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2. Crispy Green
        I want my family to keep up the same healthy eating habits in and outside of the home which isn't always the easiest when dealing with a busy schedule.  SO I am thrilled to find brands like Crispy Green which makes awesome snacks that my children actually enjoy like the Crispy Fruit.  We were surprised to learn of all the varieties available including: Tangerine, Apple, Asian Pear, Banana, Cantaloupe, Mango and Pineapple.

        Not only did the kids and myself love these but they were a huge hit with the kids friends when they took them to school the next day.  "Crispy Fruit snacks are 100% freeze-dried fruit slices that are made of real fruit and nothing else" so I can feel at ease that my family is eating healthy snacks as if I had made it from scratch myself.
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3. Wine Apothic Dark 
        With the holidays quickly approaching, this time of year can be an extremely hectic time. Not only does this season bring the chaos of fighting crowds while shopping but it brings on the Christmas parties and holiday get-together's.  If you an adult, bringing your favorite bottle to a party and sampling different wines during these events can be such a huge stress reliever.  So I have an exquisite blend you must have on hand this holiday - Apothic Dark.

        This blend is unlike any other red wine I've tried in the past.  With hints of blackberries, blueberries, coffee, and yes - dark chocolate, you've got every great rich flavor all in one.  I have to note this blend is more than just a great wine, it's unique bottle makes for a beautiful gift for anyone this holiday.  From the Gothic label design to the beautiful cork, your co-workers, friends, and family will all appreciate this gift for any occasion.
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4. Mr. Bar-B-Q 
        There is just something about grilling throughout the year and if you are anything like my family, you know what I am talking about.  The food just tastes better when grilled and lets be honest it is much more fun to enjoy a nice day outside then cooped up indoors regardless of season.  "Mr. Bar-B-Q is the world’s leader in innovative barbecue accessories" with something for every grill'er around town.

        If you've got little ones, I'm sure they will fall for the Hershey's S'mores Non-Stick Melting Tray ($15.23) which gives the same campfire taste but on the grill and without the complication of traditional S'more making.  The Corderite Grill Stone, Cutter and Folding Handle Peel ($37.64) is another great family accessory for those who love to grill AND love the taste of fresh stone grilled pizza!

        If you need to start from scratch with some awesome gear then the Nonstick Cast Iron Griddle ($29.99) and 6-Piece Camo Pattern Tool Set ($51.31) is better than any starter accessory set I've seen.  Regardless of the level of grill'er you are buying for, you are not going to find a quality like you will with Mr. Bar-B-Q.
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5. Ozeri Tupperware
        Holiday time usually means family meals and celebrations or Christmas parties with co-workers.  There is tons of food prep and planning for these get-togethers'.  It never fails, big meals lead to lots of leftovers as well.  Consciously planning for the festivities is more than a trend but a way of saving money while preserving the goods.

        With a brand like Ozeri, this is possible without breaking the bank.  Ozeri has luxury products that are not only of a high quality but affordable for the every day home!  The 8-Piece Ozeri INSTAVAC Green Earth Food Storage Container/Nesting Set is perfect for any holiday meal.  With locking lids and instant vacuum seal (without any pumps), you can store food longer.

        The bottom wave pattern keeps food elevated from liquids and using the date dial, you never have to question how long food has been in the fridge.  Use this to transport your potluck meal for the party OR to bring home the leftovers you just can't get enough of!
Facebook: Ozeri 

6. Cool Gear Products
        Cool Gear provides all sorts of eco-friendly products that just about anyone can use.  They have everything from reusable cups and self filtering water bottles to salad containers and ice blocks for entertaining.  Its great see such a variety from a company trying contribute in a fun way to the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle).  "Since 1986, we have been conceptualizing and developing ideas, turning them into products and bringing them to the marketplace. We deliver innovative and imaginative products to the marketplace while providing a 100% customer satisfaction policy."

        These make for an amazing gift for anyone on your Christmas list this year and are perfect stocking stuffers! I would recommend these "cool" products to everyone and anyone.  Cool Gear not only makes a difference but can also save you money.  Each time I check out their site they have new creative products for everyone and anyone to use - kids or adults.
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7. Ecolution Cookware
        Any great cook knows that straying from a recipe is how the best ones are created!  Mistakes can be fun and turn into masterpieces when you least expect it!  Cooking frequently usually requires a few things - knowledge, passion, and a good set of cookware!  I have learned pretty quickly that if you buy a cheap cookware set, you are going to get exactly that out of it.  Crappy food!  Either your food doesn't taste quite right, it burns to the pans, or even worse you even end of with bits of the tephlon in your food which is the beyond terrible for your health!

        Ecolution Cookware is made from a heavy gauge aluminum, featuring silicone stay-cool handles which keep hands safe and making gripping full pans easy.  There are textured heat bands which help evenly heat pan ingredients, resulting in better tasting and cooked food.  Food cooks evenly and much faster than with other brands of pans.  With 100 percent PFOA free, Hydrolon water-based non-stick coating, you have less to worry about when it comes to cleaning and worrying about bits chipping off into your food, you have nothing to worry about.
Facebook:  Ecolution Home 

Organizing it all
8. Youcopia
        With all the chaos of the holiday season who has time to search through their kitchen.  Keeping anything organized can seem fairly impossible.  This is where YouCopia comes in!  YouCopia believes "home should work, so you can play. When every item has a place and every space has a purpose, your home is working for you."  Originally the company began with the SpiceStack which "smartly organizes store-bought spices in the kitchen cabinet."

        Being such an OCD freak, I feel like everything needs to have a place and needs to be organized in a specific way.  With the YouCopia StoreMore Bakeware Rack, I can organize bakeware and cutting boards where they are easily accessible.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to remove several pans just to get to the one you want at the bottom of the stack and now I no longer have to stress about it.
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     I truly believe we need to start teaching our children how to survive without all the luxuries they have become accustom to - you just never know what could happen in the future.  I am not alone in the thought of going back to the basics on our modern day homesteads.  Most homesteading enthusiasts like to start with things like canning and making their own from scratch items like bread or cheese.  There are a few items you've got to get your hands on if you are getting started yourself OR if you are buying for someone who preps and plans for their homestead.

9. Urban Cheese Craft
        Created with the idea that making your own foods should be simple.  It's been done for generations without all of today's technology so why make it anymore difficult than it used to be.  "Making fresh cheeses is a simple skill that was lost in the past few decades of quantity over quality." When it comes to learning how to do make your own cheese or starter kits, the place to look is Urban Cheese Craft.

        The Mozzarella and Ricotta DIY Cheese Kit includes everything you'd need to make 8 batches of cheese except the gallon of milk you can grab from the grocery store.  You will get a Fine Mesh, 100% Cotton Cheesecloth, a Glass Dairy Thermometer (alcohol not mercury), Gluten-free and Vegetarian Rennet Tablets, Gluten-Free and Non-GMO Citric Acid, and Non-Iodized Flake Salt.

        I have got to tell you these were very easy step by step directions. Because this kit include more than enough to make TONS of batches of your favorite cheese, its much cheaper than buying a log of fresh mozzarella (or any of the other cheeses if you chose a different kind).
Facebook:  Urban Cheesecraft 
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10. The Complete Book of Home Canning 
        The synopsis says, "Home canning has changed greatly in the 180 years since it was introduced as a way to preserve food. Scientists have found ways to produce safer, higher quality products. The Complete Book of Home Canning is a comprehensive guide to canning put out by the United States Department of Agriculture."

        "The Complete Book of Home Canning an invaluable resource book for persons who are canning food for the first time. Experienced canner's will find updated information to help them improve their canning practices. This latest Skyhorse Publishing edition features practical full-color illustrations as well has full-color photos showing the ingredients and techniques described."

        I love that there aren't just recipes in this cook book but "extras" galore.  This isn't your average cookbook as it looks more like a huge manual than anything to me.  This canning cookbook is now going to be my bible from here on out.  As a homesteader who has canned for at least 5 years now, there are tons of new recipes, equipment, and guidelines to follow in this book.

11. Tattler Reusable Canning Lids 
        The one thing that stinks about canning (especially for all us eco friendly freaks) is that you cannot reuse the lids because they are not guaranteed to properly seal.  This kills me to A) have to throw them away regardless of recycling and B) to spend more money as all the canning supplies can become quite expensive.  Tattler understands this and has created a reusable canning lid.

        "We guarantee the TATTLER plastic lid to last a lifetime or we will replace it free. However, no customer has EVER made the request to replace a single lid."  As long as you are using a safe, chip free glass jar and a non damaged rubber gasket ring, the Tattler reusable lids will work in any accepted method of use, pressure cooker, boiler, etc.  The Tattler lid was designed in the mid 70's (Made in the U.S.) and has been reused by individuals for reportedly over 30 years.
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