Tasting the Seasons Book Review and #Giveaway

        As a Restaurant Manager, Foodie Blogger, and Green Living/Gardening Enthusiast, I feel like I know a lot of recipes using ingredients from the garden.  I am always struggling to find time to throw together not only a good, healthy meal, but something different than what we have each week.  I try to grow as much as I can throughout the different season in hopes of providing the purest ingredients throughout the year for our meals.

        At this age I know what foods I do and don't like (even though I will try most anything at least once).  The problems I have during dinner time are making a food that all five of us will like.  Alana and I will eat most anything although I prefer more drastic flavors like cayenne and garlic.  Declan eats mostly anything especially vege's and Kevin will eat certain meals as long as it isn't loaded with vege's or any major seasoning.  Dane won't eat a thing as he is beyond picky!!

        I used to love to cook most anything but between trying to lose weight myself and teach the kids to eat healthier, I seem to have given up lately.  Recently, I was asked to review Tasting the Seasons written by Kerry Dunnington.  This cookbook focus's on an all around healthier way of eating and changing it up depending on the season.

        The synopsis says, "For cooking aficionados or those just beginning their culinary journey, the innovative approach in Tasting the Seasons allows cooks to follow the food seasons and appreciate nature's bounty. With flair and humor, culinary expert Kerry Dunnington shares 250 perfectly seasoned recipes with savory commentary that inform and inspire a sustainable approach to home cuisine and entertaining. With a focus on the creative preparation of foods in their growing seasons and healthy food consumption, this is an eco-friendly, all-occasion cookbook. In addition to the dozen or so favorite recipes that stem from her childhood, Dunnington shares dishes that catering clients request time and time again. Each recipe conveys the powerful benefits of serving food that is whole, real, seasonal, local and well-prepared. These delicious dishes will help transform the way you and your family and friends feel about preparing and eating great-tasting food."

        I love that there aren't just recipes in this cook book but "extras" galore.  This isn't your average cookbook as it looks more like a novel than anything to me.  There are suggestions for making lifestyle changes, ideas on entertaining (and within a budget), enhancers for meals, product resources, and even eco-terms/techniques.  There isn't just an appetizer and entree section but smaller more focused sections like warm and cold vegetable sides from your garden.  There are entrees for different lifestyles and recipes for literally everyone's taste.

        So far the only complaint I have is there are no visuals to help when flipping through looking for meals.  While part of me appreciates this because the pictures are fake and propped most times, I also like to see an image to get an idea of what the meal might include.  Other than that, I think this is an amazing resource for any level cook.  This is a REAL cookbook which will help anyone make a change in their families lifestyle.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $13.41 Tasting the Seasons 
Recommendation: I love not only how easy these recipes are to follow but diversity available in one place.  This is one of those all in one resources that is a must in any kitchen.
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Publication date:09/08/2014

Giveaway:  Kerry Dunnington is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a copy of Tasting the Seasons to have of their own!
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  1. In So Cal, our seasons really don't follow the typical season pattern. But, if they did, I'd choose Spring or Fall, when the weather should be moderate, and life is springing forth or going to sleep.

  2. My favorite season is spring because i can go fishing again

  3. I like cinnamon. It can be used in so many different things.

  4. My favorite is summer due to all the fresh fruits and vegetables.

  5. My favorite season is fall because the humidity is lower here and its such welcome relief after 100+ degree days. Its also football season!
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    Ashley C

  6. I like Spring because it can still snow but we also get some warmer days.

  7. I honestly love all of the seasons but I guess I'd choose fall. I love the cooler weather and being in the kitchen cooking more.

  8. My favorite season is the fall because of the cooler weather and I love seeing the leaves change color.

  9. I love summer because as a teacher I am off most of the summer months. Thank you


  10. My favorite season is fall because I enjoy the cooler weather and beautiful autumn colors.

  11. my favorite season is spring because I love the nice weather.

  12. I love Winter because it snows where I live and I love watching the snow fall all through the day, it is so beautiful.