2015 Toyota Corolla #DriveToyota Review

        As a non-specific product reviewer, I like to keep a wide variety of reviews flowing through the blog so there is something for everyone!  Regardless of what stage in life you are going through, I want to be there to help my readers as I really consider my blog to have more than one focus.  I was recently sent over a 2015 Toyota Corolla to review and share with all of you!


Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring Review

        We can all head to our local dealership to test drive a vehicle if we really want to but honestly, how much can you learn about a vehicle from maybe a 20 minute drive!?  You can research the vehicles specs but you just can't get a full experience or true feel for how the vehicle is going to work for you on a day to day basis.  That being said, this is why I love sharing the newest car reviews and trends.

Essentials for Road Trips w/ Kids + #Giveaway

         With Summer in full swing, we've got a fun summer family-friendly gift pack giveaway from ARC ENTERTAINMENT that will keep you entertained when traveling with your families over this summer.   We've also got a few tips to help keep those kiddos busy AND happy while traveling!


SolaMist Mosquito and Insect Misting System from Remington Solar Review and #Giveaway

Remington Solar
        I love entertaining as you can obviously tell.  But depending on the time of year, this can prove to be a pain in the butt (or arm, or neck, or legs).  Bugs can literally be a pain and can put such a damper in your outdoor activities.  With both our recent move and the exceptionally wet season we've had, the mosquitoes are insanely bad here lately.

Party Hard w/ Igloo® Party Bar™ Review

        When I first think of Summer, I think of all the fun activities, events, and travel possibilities for me and my family.  I thrive in the warm weather and so does each member of my family.  With Michigan weather kind of skeptical most months, it seems like we've got limited time to enjoy the outdoors.  So we use any excuse we can find to spend time outside.  When it comes to holiday weekends, you can be sure to find us poolside celebrating with as many people as possible!


Remington Solar Chlorine-Free "Sun Shock" Review

Remington Solar

        Growing up, we always had a pool to play in each Summer.  Being my mother was a swimmer in her hay days, she's always pushed us to learn to swim and it's always thrilled her to see us enjoy the water.  Since my sisters and I are all grown, my parents are quite excited to finally have some grandchildren who will use the pool again.  


Solar Bug Blasting Summer #Giveaway Event @MOON_Blogs

Remington Solar SolaMist
ARV $630

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Roughing It in Comfort

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Beavers Bend Cabin Rentals offers a broad range of outdoor experiences in southeastern Oklahoma. Only a three or four hours' drive from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, this recreational facility makes a convenient choice for those seeking a taste of piece and quiet.

Log cabins with fieldstone fireplaces and rustic wooden furniture contribute to a sense of being far from the workaday world. Birdsong, the rippling of water and the sighing of tree branches in the wind make fine replacements for the honking of car horns and the squealing of brakes.


Investig8 Software Review

         Its odd how security and safety has become such a necessity in my household (more than most).  This is due to the fact that my husband had worked for a private investigator for over five years (not so long ago).  He solely ran the security shop and monitored all aspects of the security company.  Because of this, I feel as though I have become much more knowledgeable in this area of technology as well more dependent on it.