Time for Summer Vacation with the Kids? Tips for Packing Properly

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A lot of people look forward to summer vacation pretty much all year long, and that doesn’t mean just the kids who are watching the clock and waiting to get out of school each day. Adults often look forward to those family vacations in the summer months even more than the kids do.

However, when you’re an adult, you’ve also got all of the responsibility that comes with planning that summer vacation. While paying for your trip might be the biggest factor, you’re also the one who is going to have to do all the packing and make sure you and your family have everything they need this summer.

Before you head to the airport or jump in the car, use these tips to make packing for your summer vacation a little bit easier. Hopefully you’ll also remember to bring everything you need, too.

Plan Your Pack

When traveling with a family the best thing you can do is to plan your packing time. Let the kids know the whole family will be packing the weekend before a trip.

That way it can be in their heads and they’ll be working on it while you do, even if that just means you helping them.

Start Packing Early

One of the worst things that you can do for your trip is to start packing the day before or the day of – at least if you have kids. That might work pretty well for just you since you can get everything together that fast, but kids just don’t have that ability until they’re teenagers. It will also be much more stressful for you.

Start packing a couple of days before you trip and make sure your kids get everything they want to take ready ahead of time. That way you can do any laundry you need to for them and sort their clothing and items. By packing early you’ll make sure your kids don’t forget anything necessary – like a bathing suit, for example.

Pack a Separate Toiletries Bag

If you’re traveling with a family, sometimes the easiest thing to do for all of those toiletries is just to pack a separate bag. If you’re flying, that might mean condensing two people’s luggage into one bag so you’ll have an extra without paying too many fees.

Another option you have is to use a separate carry-on bag for toiletries. That way you don’t have to worry about travel size sunscreen bulk and all those other items like toothpaste and shampoo in your luggage.

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