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        So being that my family spends basically the entire summer, spring and many fall days/nights outdoors, we have fallen victim to the mosquito’s.  We've tried the spray’s and the other products on the market, but honestly none have worked.  So when I heard about the Terminix® AllClear® Mosquito BAIT and KILL, I thought this would be the perfect thing for us to try both at home and in my parents.
        While the BAIT and KILL will help with mosquito control on the spot, that isn't necessarily what it was designed for.  The special ready to use formula is designed to do exactly what it says, bait the mosquitoes with its proprietary sugar attractant.  Then, killing them once they feed on it.  "infused with a lethal dose of micro-encapsulated garlic oil", the Bait and Kill is deadly to a mosquito, yet safe for humans, animals and plants around.  Since the mosquitoes die within 24 – 48 hours, this helps decrease their population pretty rapidly.  "In just 2–3 weeks, populations decrease by more than 90%."  

        So again remember, Bait and Kill does not repel mosquitoes or kill them on contact.  This is a long term solution.  Try to avoid spraying when your forecast is calling for rain and avoid watering those areas for a few days to actually help this treatment be as effective as possible.  I like that I can not only use this in my own backyard but we can plan ahead for parties and get together's at home and at my parents house.  Spraying a few weeks ahead of time will help keep the backyard clear of the mosquitoes and at least make the need for an immediate treatment minimal.  

        I absolutely love that the kids can be protected without having to put all kinds of chemicals on their body.  The less chemicals we have to expose our children too the better, at least in my book.  It's been two weeks since the last time we sprayed our children's play set area and we've noticed a significant reduction in all honesty!

Cost/Available to Purchase: $22.87 Twin Pack - Terminix® AllClear® Mosquito BAIT and KILL 
Also available at Target and Lowes starting as low as $11.98
Recommendation:  The price may seem a bit costly when you first see two small bottles but a little goes a long way in this case and the two cans can protect up to 5,000 sq. ft.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who is sick of having to put on stinky bug spray full of chemicals.  Now is the perfect time to spray your yard for Summertime entertaining as well as for those graduation parties going on each weekend. Just head to your local retailer to get the best pricing!
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Giveaway:  Terminex AllClear is going to give FIVE of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Twin Pack of Mosquito BAIT and KILL to try of their own!  
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  1. I can't wait to try the Terminix® AllClear® Mosquito BAIT and KILL as we are always fighting the mosquitos outdoors!

  2. I am most in need of the Terminix® AllClear® Mosquito BAIT and KILL because we have a big mosquito problem! Would love to get some help so I'll try anything!