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        When I first think of Summer, I think of all the fun activities, events, and travel possibilities for me and my family.  I thrive in the warm weather and so does each member of my family.  With Michigan weather kind of skeptical most months, it seems like we've got limited time to enjoy the outdoors.  So we use any excuse we can find to spend time outside.  With brands like the SwimOutlet.com, I feel like this is more easily possible as long as we are prepared.  

        Constantly on the go for sporting events, beach trips, outdoor concerts, camping, and just plain entertaining out back by the pool, we are always in need of a good cooler.  Ours, after years of use is not only old and beat up but its small and out of date.  After working with Swim Outlet in previous years for the Swim, Sun, and Fun event, I knew this would be my go to for this kind of product. 

        "SwimOutlet.com is the largest online specialty shop for swimming, water polo, fashion, beach, and surf products in the US."  They carry just about everything you can think of that has anything to do with the water from floats and swimsuits to deck equipment and travel gear.  This isn't just a company that says enjoy your life and live a healthier one, they live by it - "recognized by the American Heart Association as a Gold-Level Fit-Friendly Work site for helping
employees eat better and move more".

        This time around, SwimOutlet.com sent me over the awesome Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme Cooler to help with my families on the go lifestyle!  This cooler is seriously awesome as it can hold up to 190 cans of whatever beverage you so choose.  Designed to easily fit 2-liters as well, you can pick and choose what to bring on your next adventure.  The extra ThermOZONE Insulation  can help keep consumables cold for almost a week and even in temperatures up to and higher than 90 degrees F.  Even better for the tree huggin hippies like me, "the insulation is free from CFCs, HFCs and HCFCs, which deplete the ozone".

        I like seeing things like the three strong hinges which are likely to hold better than something made of all plastic.  The rustproof, leak-resistant channel helps with no-tilt draining.  Not only are there two-way rubber handles for easy grip and transport but there are even extras like the four cup holders on top as well as a built in ruler measurement on top (just in case you feel like measuring something while on the go, LOL).

        Now of course, as soon as this arrived, Declan was pumped about it's size as he said things like, "look mom I could sleep in here if I wanted to!"  It truly is huge.  While we've already used it since it first arrived a two weeks ago, I forgot to take picks while it was packed full (with um yes beer).  We used it for a sporting/tailgating event and are planning on packing it full again for the coming Fourth of July holiday!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $104.95 Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme Cooler 
Recommendation:  I think their prices are definitely reasonable especially with the amazing variety they provide.  While I do feel like initially this seems a bit pricey, I can tell you it isn't in comparison to competitors with the same products.  I recommend checking these guys out if you are outdoor lover of any level!
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Giveaway:  Swim Outlet is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a $50 Gift Card to purchase anything that would fit their lifestyle to have of their own!  
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  1. This is neat! I think I need one!

  2. This is the kind of cooler my family of 5 needs! The hinges on the lid of ours broke and it is quite a deal to use it now! With something like this cooler, we could pack food and drinks for road trips with no problems!

  3. Would love to take this camping!

  4. I wish we had had this on the 4th. We lost our lid somewhere on the road because it was in the back of the truck and it did not have hinges.