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        When I was younger we used to camp at least two times a month.  It is one of my favorite childhood memories and honestly one of the only quality times we had spent as a family.  The boys are finally at the age where they can get active in sports, camping, and taking trips to the beach.  Our Summers are perfect for the beach, pool and water park trips.  And our Falls are perfect for trips to the playground, tailgating, camping and bonfire weather. 

        So when I was recently asked by Pratico Goods to review their Extra Large Picnic and Outdoor Blanket, I knew it would be the perfect time to do so.  Although Michigan doesn't allow for a long summer season, you will find us outdoors six out of seven nights a week.  There is just something about spending that time outdoors.  

        The blanket has a waterproof backing and is a 5' x 6'8" in, 100% soft cotton fleece.  I rarely find a blanket that keeps my butt feeling dry even when it says it will.  Somehow the moisture from the dirt beneath always seems to make it's way through, but not with this blanket!  This is not bulky, heavy, or a pain to lug around by any means.  The blanket actually only weighs a whopping 1.3 pounds. 

        It's is big enough for your family to lay on quite comfortably and still fold up and take back and forth with you wherever you decide to go.  I've got to say I love how easy it is to refold when done, because you know how hard it can be to get something like this folded back into the original carrying position!  

        While I have been using this for the boys little league games as a blanket to sit on, we've also used it for our family picnics indoors.  We are planning on taking this to the local fireworks show for the 4th of July this week too!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $34.99 Extra Large Picnic and Outdoor Blanket 
Recommendation:  This is seriously one of the best products for any outdoor lover!  This is going to last a long time and is well worth the cost.  This would make a great gift idea for the outdoorsy person in your life as well especially with how lightweight it is.  
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Giveaway:  Pratico Goods is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Extra Large Picnic and Outdoor Blanket to have of their own!
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  1. hi, i love that it's made of 'cotton', makes it even more comfy!