Groupon #Coupons for an Exciting Summer

        Not only do I love the thrill of the hunt for a deal but I desperately need to save money on things for my family.  We live in a time where most people are struggling or penny pinching.  I love this way of thinking as it isn't just with the purpose of saving money but utilizing every resource we have without being as wasteful as we have in the past.  Being that I have been a frequent traveler in the past for both my career and as a hobby, I still continue to love to travel.  It just isn't as easy again in such a time where every penny spent can affect how my family lives.

        I have been to a variety of hotels, resorts and areas of the world and even have quite an extensive background in the hospitality industry so I know what kind of efforts go into making these experiences great for others.  I know what kind of costs go into making the travel arrangements and entertaining a family as well.  My family still loves to explore new activities near and far as well meet individuals from around the world.  One of the ways I've found myself shopping and planning these outings or trips has always been through Groupon.
        In fact there are certain deals, I know that come out each year and I plan to save on them each time they come around.  Today's top coupon deals include stores like Nike and Adidas, for all those active individuals out there.  I love that they even have a Coupon section where you can save on every day products or services as well as travel deals or different activities nearby.  These are not just the limited time offers that most are used to finding on Groupon in the past.  There is usually a lot more time before the offer expires and again it isn't on a specific deal that you might not use but more-so on a store or brand that gives you a variety to choose from.

        After browsing around this morning, my personal favorite deals going on right now are the Shutterfly coupons for Graduation and Summer Parties invites or memorabilia.  There is even a great "Deal of the Day" going on right now for Hotels.com where you can grab rooms up to 50% off!  If you are looking to travel somewhere with your family this Summer check out the Orbitz coupons.  With the weather getting nicer finally, I plan on purchasing tons via Groupon just to make sure I am getting the best deals!  How-about you?  Have you made a purchase from Groupon that you absolutely love?  Do you have something specific you are looking for and hoping to see a deal soon available?
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