Essential tips for getting your garden ready for Summer

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Having a functional and beautiful garden or outdoor space can really improve the summer months, but if your outdoor space is looking a bit cluttered and unloved, here are a few tips to reinvigorate the space without delving into your flower beds. Follow these simple and easy tips on how to make your garden a more usable space so you can make the most of those sunny days.

Getting Started

Half of the hassle when it comes to garden and outdoor improvements is making yourself start. Why not call a charity and schedule an appointment for pick-up or drop-off. There’s nothing like a looming deadline to help get you motivated when it comes to organization.


Don’t fall into the trap of cluttering your outdoor spaces. In fact, de--cluttering is imperative to a tidy, functional garden. Why not try ridding your yard of any unnecessary clutter by putting everything you think you don’t use in a box. If you still haven’t used it after a few weeks, bin it or give it to charity.

Multi-Task Garden Furniture

Solve two outdoor problems at the same time- a lack of seating and a lack of storage. You can invest in a reasonably priced garden furniture set from retailers like Tesco, or transform some old wooden chests by re-purposing them into stylish, storage-savvy seats? Start by painting the wooden chests with long-lasting, outdoor paint. Scatter the chests with waterproof cushions and you’ll have a pocket-friendly, sturdy and comfortable seat that will also provide storage for all of your garden party necessities!

BBQ Station

A lattice panel is more than just a pretty backdrop. When hung near a BBQ, it is perfect for hanging brushes, pot holders, and more. If you don’t have a lattice panel in your garden, fear not! You can keep a bucketful of long-handled grill tools from toppling over using a simple tin or decorative bucket. This is a great way to keep all your BBQ utensils easily accessible and in one place.

Stand-Up Storage

Keeping your grill area tidy and organized is key to barbequing success. Say goodbye to burnt bangers and blackened burgers by filing away your summer staples. Use a metal mail sorter to store cutting boards, pizza peels, and cooling racks for ready for easy access. Most households will have one tucked away unused in a cupboard, so why not dig yours out and use it as handy outdoor storage. This way, you won’t find your feast sizzling to a cinder while you search high and low for equipment.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to a happy, tidy and organized home and garden this summer.

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