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        You all should know by now, born and raised a Michigander, I am a frequent visitor of the "Best Amusement Park in the World" (yes the whole world!).  Not only do I love visiting the park as frequently as I can but I enjoy chatting it up with the people who work there!  I feel as though I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to be one of the Cedar Point Blog Ambassadors and work with the team they have over there!

        This year I have some seriously awesome news to share with you about the park and it's resorts!  "A Year of Transformation" is what they are calling it in Sandusky!  There's a new beast at the park!  Cedar Point has added yet another coaster, Rougarou!  They've transformed and completely updated one of their hotels, Hotel Breakers, to complete the Cedar Point experience.  And the Lakeside Pavilion has been recharged into a power setting for group meetings and events!
        First and foremost, I was finally able to attend the Cedar Point Media Day this year which was honestly like no other experience I've had at the park before!  Initially, I was bummed that I had to be at the park at 5 am, thinking this was just way to early to be riding coasters.  However, this was a special access pass to ride the new coaster Rougarou and nothing else.

        Rougarou is the first floor-less coaster at Cedar Point lasting 2 min. 15 sec. and at speeds more than 60 mph.  Twisting through the "swamps" of the park, Rougarou makes a 137 foot dive sending riders through a thrilling ride.  This is the old Mantis just updated a bit (specifically the cars).

        I have to be honest, I wasn't a fan of it previously.  One of the issues I believe I had with the Mantis was the way the harness sits close to your head if your short like me.  It is still the same with the Rougarou so unfortunately this one was not a huge improvement to me.  While I absolutely loved the sound effects and hype of the Rougarou (French werewolf), the ride was essentially the same.

        The best part about the Media day was getting to be in the park while completely empty (or with about only maybe another 100 people) AND getting to watch the sun rise over the park.  What a beautiful site for any coaster lover!  After seeing the beautiful view and experiencing the park at such a different perspective, I feel as if this should encourage anyone to want to stay at one of the parks many resorts, cabins, or campground.  You won't be disappointed.

        This leads me into my next transformation and the biggest one in my eyes, Hotel Breakers.  Basically leaving only the main structure, the hotel has been completely updated inside and out.  Starting with the new grand entrance boosting old but updated pictures of the park.  The lobby (while not at the entrance which is very weird) has beautiful artwork, lighting, and carousel horses.

        The first thing you notice in the guest rooms are the bold colors everywhere and beautiful picture headboards featuring the different coasters and attractions of the park.  In addition to the decor, each room has a new LCD flat screen TV, bedding, and furniture.

        My personal favorite is the outdoor pool/patio area.  The pool deck which now has a water play area for the kiddos, includes new deck chairs and umbrellas.  The hot tubs are huge and enticing.  Even better there is now a warming and welcoming fireside lounge area where you can relax with a drink and enjoy the flicker sights of a fire with the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shores of the beach at the same time.

        If you've decided not to come just for pleasure purposes, there is still more "transformed" just for you!  The New Lakeside Pavilion is right on the boardwalk between Hotel Breakers and one of the Cedar Point entrances near Planet Snoopy and WindSeeker.  While you might be there for business, you can enjoy and relax with the beautiful view of Lake Erie in the background.

        Boasting a meeting space for groups of 50 or more which is covered, the pavilion is set up for most any needs you might be looking for.  "School groups, large groups, clubs, family reunions and more are all welcome to take advantage of discounts on park admission, meal deals and more."  At the time we were there, we were able to watch a bunch high school prom students make their way to the pavilion.

        The whole weekend was almost nostalgic from the prom kids to the fires on the beach with friends.  The updates are both gorgeous and well worth the costs of visiting the park and it's resorts.  They brought me to a magical place as an adult wishing I could have been there back in the 1950's when it was a different time of changes for the excited place I now enjoy in 2015, it's "Year of Transformation".

Cost:  Single Day Adult - Online: $49.99 / Gate: $61.99
Single Day Junior/Senior - Online: $39.99
Hotel Breakers 
Lakeside Pavilion 
Recommendation:  As if you couldn't tell from beginning to end what I think of this park!? This is definitely an experience you need to travel to especially if you are not within short driving distances.  Be prepared to spend a LOT of money but it will all be worth it in the end even with an empty pocketbook!  You CANNOT experience something like this any where else in the world!
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