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Carol S. Miller Handbags
        While I'm not always the girliest of girls, I do love searching out that next unique accessory and being the first to sport it.  My purses and handbags very rarely change because I tend to find one I love and use it loyally until either it's worn completely or the next one is discovered.  This is how I came across Carol S. Miller Handbags.

        Spending a long time in the fashion industry Carol Miller has a passion handbags and leather.  The hand painted bags are what first caught my eye.  Each one is a one of a kind piece of art work by Carol.  Seeing some so unique as this, I knew I had to work with her in some way to share her designs with my readers!  Thankfully she agreed to send me over her Born Bag in Red for the Summer!

        Each of these bags are made "in madagascar by a fair trade collective of 5 work shops in the region of manjakatompo". With it's bright color, we felt this was perfect for our summer trips to the beach.  We have been using it as our over night bag for trips like when we camped outside of Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio.

        The bag is very spacious for a variety of items even enough for a light weekend trip.  If this isn't the style for you, there are a bunch of other style bags she's created for anyone or any use.  From messenger bags and handbags to totes and hand painted bags, Carol Miller has a variety of styles to choose from!  A portion of each sale of the Born Bags is even donated to " la maison d' aina". 

Available to purchase/Cost:  $60 Born Bag 
Recommendation:  This is really inexpensive for a purse compared to what I've seen some of my friends spend on purses.  I have to say especially the hand painted bags are a bit too much in cost for someone like me and I could never see myself spending that kind of money on a bag.  But I am also not a girlie girl and as I mentioned, I see my friends paying twice that for some of their purses.
Carol S. Miller Website
Facebook:  Carol S. Miller

Giveaway:  Carol S. Miller is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Born Bag to have of their own!

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  1. I would love to win this bag to carry books,a few diapers,my usual going to the library stuff or going to a "nice place" bag. Thanks!