Stixx Golf Club Cleaner Review

        Not only is golf one of the guys day out sports for the men in my family but it is a way of life for them as well.  I swear my soon to be brother in law would die if someone took golf away from him.  The guys are always spending their nights together playing golf on the Xbox Kinect.  This was they can still play the sport they love without being on an actual golf course.

        I was thrilled when STIXX asked me to review their Golf Club Cleaner as I knew it would be perfect for these guys!  While I don't usually consider golfing to be a "dirty" sport, I know that your equipment can get pretty nasty depending on where you play OR how frequently you play.  Being that my "almost" Brother in Law plays daily, I know what a pain it can be to have to clean that equipment after each game.
        For him this would mean daily and would become fairly inconvenient.  But with Stixx Golf Club Cleaner, they can easily clip the little bottle to any part of the golf bag.  Not only does it spray and wipe each surface easily, but it is also biodegradable making hippies like me happy!  Keeping the equipment cleaner can improve every shot and thus improving your game.  I don't know why you wouldn't want to keep on top of your game and keep your clubs lasting for longer!
Cost/Available to purchase:  $14.99 STIXX Golf Club Cleaner 
Recommendation:  Kevin absolutely loved the cleaner as well as the almost BIL.  It is convenient and easy.  I will say I'd like to see it at the $10 price point since it's a cleaner and inevitably you are going to go through it fairly quick.

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