Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors Review

        I believe my pets are my family which means they do everything we do (or at least we try).  From playing outside to cuddling indoors and of course car rides, they are usually right beside us.  Ever since becoming a mother (of both pets and kids), my vehicles have gone from pristine and maintained to a complete disaster.  Kids are sloppy and the dogs are a complete mess!

        While I enjoy bringing the dogs along with us, there are a few pet peeves I have (haha get it pet peeve, LOL).  All three of my large breed dogs are white or light brown in color.  Not a single vehicle of mine has ever been light in color so their hair shows up everywhere.  It's obnoxious to look at, gets all over the kids clothes, and never seems to vacum out completely.  When, I take one to the vet, they even seem to drool more than normal like they know exactly where we are going.

        So when I found out a few weeks ago we were replacing our truck, I knew there was no way I was going without a cover for fear of the dogs OR the kids destroying my new truck.  While I was initially hesitant about the price of this one, I've got to say I was quite happy with the thick quality once it arrived.  It comes with two Pet Harness Seat belts to buckle my furries in easily.  I was happy with how easy it was to install which is literally just looping around the headrests.

        I did however have an issue as there are only two spots where the seat belts can loop through making it impossible to seat three kids in the back which is a bummer.  This means I have to remove the cover each time I decide to cart around more than two kids or animals.  As easy as it is to install, this is a pain and could be easily resolved by having three velcro slots.  It is waterproof so I was able to wipe it clean and will say it can easily be tossed in the washer for tougher spills.

        I have to say overall I love the cover and think it works perfectly for my big truck so it is likely it will fit in any smaller vehicle.  I love that it isn't rough feeling so it works just as well for people with children looking for double the protection.  It would be a much better buy though if the slot in the center was one big long velcro one in order to accommodate any vehicle or buckles.

Available to purchase/Cost: $79.94 Pet Seat Cover with Seat Anchors
Recommendation:  I probably wouldn't buy the mat again at this price unless I knew I'd be able to fit it any car I choose without having to worry about the buckles being in the right place.  I think the quality is definitely there and it is sure to last a long time especially for the reasonable pricing.
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  1. I've two close pals that have dogs that ride with their families. This would be perfect for them. Thanks for the great review!