Esimple Premium Anti-Glare/Crystal Clear Screen Protector Review

        I am beyond rough on my phones since I depend on it just about any time I leave the home.  I need to constantly be connected to my social media and email doing what I do.  Between Alana and myself, with how much we use our cell phones, making sure we have a good case is key!  Unfortunately I have to admit, I constantly drop my phone.  The two of us need protection against any type of abuse.

        Plus, Alana now has an iPhone which as most people know are notorious for their screens breaking with the lightest of drops.  Because they are made of glass, they just can't seem to withstand the same wear and tear other phone brands do.  When asked if I'd be interested in reviewing the Esimple Premium Anti-Glare/Crystal Clear Screen Protector, I jumped on it!  Right away I knew this was going to be better than your average screen protector or especially the cheap ones I tend to use for my phone.

        Made from a "unique, multi-layered plastic sheet", the Esimple Premium Screen Protector is scratch and impact resistant.  When you apply the cover you don't have to worry about it bubbling either.  This is one of those odd habits I hate having but if a protective cover (for anything really) has bubbles, I will play with them for hours on end - yes I know weird.  The plastic provides touch sensitive, crystal clear, HD protection

Available to purchase/Cost: $10.89 Esimple Premium Anti-Glare/Crystal Clear Screen Protector
Recommendation:  I have to say at this price point it is a worthwhile purchase however, I wouldn't say it is anything stronger than the average screen protector.  It is definitely a necessity for any phone let alone an iPhone though!

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