Staying in Barcelona on Holiday

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Many people enjoy travel and love to experience the fresh air and the long journeys that tend to come with it. If you happen to be one of these people, then Barcelona may be the place for you. The springtime air is just starting to creep in, and the cold of winter is fading away. The best time to travel to Barcelona is always the spring as it is not too warm, and the chill of winter is behind us. Barcelona is a true land of beauty and splendor with history dating back for centuries. If considering a trip to Barcelona, keep the following in mind:

Things to See in Barcelona

The sights and sounds of the second largest city in Spain can draw the attentions of many a world traveler. One of the greatest must see places in Barcelona include:

La Sagrada Familia is a giant basilica that is a must-see when in Barcelona. It was designed by the master architect Antonio Gaudi, who started construction back in the late 1800s. This masterpiece is still not completed, however, and it is said that it will still require several decades of work to be finally done.

There is also the Casa Mila, more commonly called La Pedrera. This beautiful looking building is also one of the main attractions to see while traveling in Barcelona. La Pedrera translates to “The Quarry,” and was the final creation of architect Antoni Gaudi.

If you go nowhere else in Barcelona, you need to stop at the Picasso Museum. If you consider yourself a fan of artwork of any kind, dropping in to see one of the master’s works will be well worth your time, even if only staying for a short while.

Places to Stay in the City

Finding somewhere to lie down for the evening a foreign city can be difficult. Some people like to use travel agents to set everything up for them, and others prefer websites like Hipmunk.com. Whatever your chosen method, there are many places available to stay within the city limits. These range from luxurious five-star hotels to hostels and cheap hotels in Barcelona. Some travelers prefer to pamper themselves when traveling, where others want the flexibility of spending less on accommodations giving them more money to see the sites. Whichever you choose you can be certain that your time in Barcelona will not be easily forgotten.

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