LINKON Power Blok 9000mAh Review

        I am constantly on the go and even though I have quite a few portable chargers I know they are a necessity for someone like me who is always out of the house.  So needless to say, I was excited when I was asked to review the LINKON Power Blok 9000mAh.  Being that I constantly have my phones stop watch going at work, my battery always dies quite quickly there.  So when I received this product I was eager to see how well it would work both for business and travel.  It never fails, that the times I most need my phone, I haven't charged it enough or I've been on it constantly.

        When this first arrived, I was a little put off as to how big the device was (measuring 3x.9x3 inches and weighing 9.1 ounces) as I expected something a bit more compact.  Working with any USB device you can imagine owning, I realized this was more of a minor inconvience since it would work for both my current smart phone and likely anything I upgrade to as well!  I especially love the digital LED display which shows the power level taking the guessing if I remembered to charge it out of the equation.

        "Constructed using Samsung Grade A cells, state of the art microchips and aluminium alloy casing", this is a quality made product.  PLUS, if for some reason you don't think so, LINKON offers a 12 month warranty and 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.  Regardless since this arrived, I only have to charge the power blok every other day tops even while using it at work.  This product has saved my butt in many ways especially in situations where I'm on an important phone call. I really have no excuse anymore for my phone dying and I absolutely love it!

Available to Purchase/Cost: $34.97 LINKON Power Blok 9000mAh
Recommendation:  If your looking for a portable charger you can take almost anywhere with you and I highly recommend having one on hand, this is a dependable one you will know you can count on.  Well worth the purchase and makes for a great gift for the techie in your life.

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  1. I love the display! It definitely takes the guesswork out, like you said! great review. :)