Ourpact App Review

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Are you looking for an app that you can download on your phone to keep your child safe? If so, look no further! Ourpact is a newly developed app that allows you to monitor what your child is doing on his or her phone or tablet!

With Ourpact, you are able to block certain apps, websites, schedule usage time, and more. Once you download the app on to your phone or device, you will be given a link that you need to type in to your child’s device to download the paired app. Once you pair your app with their device, you can start setting up the parental control features!

There are two ways to block an app.  You can choose between manually blocking and scheduled blocking. Manual blocking means you can block the application right away, and they will not be able to download it or open it. If you schedule a block, that means you can pick what time during the day they are allowed to use that app. For example, if it is a movie-streaming app, you can schedule a time during the day where they can pick out one movie and once the time is up, the app is blocked until the next scheduled time. This helps to regulate how long they are on their phone or tablet, and how many movies they watch during a certain time period.

You are able to block internet sites with this app, which can come in handy in case they accidentally click on an inappropriate link. If that ever happens, simply use your device to block what they have clicked on and it will not happen again!

Just like you can schedule a time for them to use a particular app, you can also schedule a time for them to use the device itself. If you plan on having guests over and you want your child to stay off of their device during that time, you can use your app to make sure they cannot use it until company has left.

I highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking to keep their children a little safer while on a phone or tablet.  If you are interested in getting this app for yourself and your family, you can find it here in the iTunes app store. You should also visit ParentsWare’s website for more information on this app if you have any additional questions!

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