Timeshares Are the Convenient Alternative to Vacation Homes

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Timeshare ownership has increased in recent years as homeowners with extra money seek alternatives to both hotels and secondary vacation homes. The vacation industry is huge, with new locations attracting tourists every year. One of the things that appeals to people who enjoy going on vacations is the fact that a timeshare gives them the comforts of home.

Blue Green Resorts is an example of a company that has done very well in the timeshare business. Timeshare owners like to stay in comfort when they travel, but might not want to go to the expense of maintaining a separate house. Some of the advantages of having a timeshare include all the amenities of home, flexible floor plan options, the advantage of ownership and regular maintenance.

One of the things people appreciate the most about staying in a timeshare is having the comforts of home. You can cook meals if you don't feel like going out, and you have plenty of places to store food you've brought. Another advantage is having separate sleeping areas, so you don't need to disturb anyone if you're watching TV. If you're traveling with kids, you can make sure everyone has plenty of space without disturbing everyone else.

Timeshares offer flexible floor plans that are helpful for both couples and larger groups. The smallest timeshares have the more intimate size of a master suite or a studio condo. Timeshares with smaller floor plans are often in a hotel tower or building similar to an apartment complex. Some of the larger timeshares are the size of a duplex, townhouse or single-family home. Timeshares that started off as single-family vacation homes create a nice experience.

When you have a timeshare, you do have an ownership share in your condo or home. However, because your share is for the time that you use the property, you don't have all the expenses that you would if you were the sole owner. Depending on the rules of the homeowner's association, you can also easily rent out your time if you're not using it for any reason during a particular year.

Unlike a home that you're the sole owner of, you also have access to a maintenance staff. You don't need to worry about an unexpected, expensive repair that you must pay for totally on your own. You'll share your maintenance costs with your fellow timeshare owners in the form of resort or club fees.

While most people automatically think of timeshares being in beach areas, many are in ski, lake or mountain areas. Some of the top areas for beach properties include Cape Cod, Panama City Beach, and Myrtle Beach. If you like skiing and prefer to have a cozy condo to go home to, consider Aspen or Lincoln. Popular lakeside destinations include Big Bear Lake, Lake Lure, and Big Sky. If you like to head to the mountains, Gatlinburg, Gordonsville and New Bern are good choices. The good thing about owning a timeshare is that you can find a good option virtually anywhere.

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