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        Being that we are a group that enjoys hanging out and drinking, we are always on the look out for the most creative gadgets and tools to use.  I have never been one to grab a koozie to keep my drinks cool right away but that is because I don't feel like they really work all that well.  I more so have always grabbed them so we can dicipher between everyone's beverage.  There is a no glass rule at our house near the pool and hot tub so we will also use this as a way to protect the bottles from breaking and upsetting those who made the rule.

        When I came across this next new product I knew it was something we could totally use for all the partying we tend to do.  The Bottle Keeper was created with the idea that people enjoy drinking their beer from a bottle.  It's never fun having to pour it into a red solo cup just because you can't have any glass in the area and definitely isn't any more enjoyable drinking it warm from that red cup!

        "BottleKeeper has a 4 mm thick neoprene sleeve that lines the walls of a stainless steel container that just so happens to keep the contents substantially colder than a standard beer koozie."  Its simple to use and best of all it works.

        What we now especially love about having the BottleKeeper is the fact that we can take our beer onto our "nonbeer selling baseball diamonds" to drink while playing in our adult league!  Our beverage is kept cold, safe from breaking, AND blends in with all the other water bottles we've got on the bench!  I wish I would have thought of it myself, but never the less these are great!  I want to get more!  I can't say enough about how wonderful this product is and how well it works.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $20 per BottleKeeper (but discounted the more you buy)
Recommendation:  I love this product and the whole idea behind it!  My only complaint is that this is quite pricey in my opinion for something like this and I would expect it to eventually drop in half in price to be more affordable to the public.  Still this is a great accessory to have in any.
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Giveaway:  The BottleKeeper is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a set of 4 BottleKeepers and B.K. Bottle Openers to have of their own!
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