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        Now I have to say with a little disappointment in myself that I am definitely not close to being a seat belt or car seat Nazi.   Don't get me wrong my kids always wear a seat belt and it is very important to me to keep them safe.  I just try to keep them as comfortable as possible while wearing their belts the proper way.

        Because my boys were always in the 90th percentile for size, they have always moved up so much faster than others their age in most every way.  Baby car seats were ridiculous to cart around with them weighing what a normal toddler would weigh.  So we quickly moved them up into the car booster/convertible car seats.  Then very quickly into a regular booster.

        It drives me nuts though that now that they wear a seat belt the normal way that they despise the way it lays across them making them uncomfortable.  My parents are always wrapping it around the back side of the chair which makes having a seat belt pointless.  So when we first saw the commercial for Seat Pets I knew we were into the idea right away.

        This was one of those infomercials which Dane claimed we needed to review.  I was thrilled when the people over at Seat Pets agreed to send us over one for review.  Seat pets are a cuddly cover/stuffed animal for your children's seat belt.  Not only do these encourage the boys to wear their seat belts properly but they keep them from feeling as restricted.

        The Seat Pets add an extra bit of padding to keep their little necks from rubbing on the belt.  Plus as an added bonus I am super pumped that these act as a pillow for when my boys fall asleep.  There is nothing I hate more than turning around to find one of them hunched over or looking like their neck is gonna be sore after just five minutes of napping.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $19.99 + S/H 
Recommendation:  These are great and you can even use as a cute combo by turning this into a backpack with the straps that come with each one!.  I'd say it be worth it to buy at least one, especially for travel in the car
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Giveaway:  Seat Pets is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Seat Pet of their own!  

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