Massage Envy Spa Rochester Hills Hampton Village Review #HGG

        Over the years, I have been to a lot of different salons offering up personal services such as hair, nails, and massages.  I've paid hundreds of dollars for services like a massage and on the other end even paid as little as 25 bucks for one.  Neither of which ever met my needs, catered to me as an individual, or truly helped improve my overall health.  For the most part I've never really found one to call home that provides a service worth returning until now.

         I was recently asked to give Massage Envy a try with Rochester Hills, Michigan being my closest location.  Of course a bit intimidated at first wanting to get the best experience but afraid of what I was used to with less than quality service and then having to write about it.  As I entered the salon, I was greeted with smiles and warmth from everyone at the front desk.

        I was then asked to head to a relaxation type of waiting room where I filled out a survey about my injuries, areas of concern, and overall needs.  Someone from the staff then met me to go over the answers and to ask a few more in depth questions about my expectations and needs moving forward for the visit.  All the thoroughness was beyond appreciated. I was then introduced to Tom would be my masseuse.

        This is when the truly personalized and exceptional service began.  Tom, not only went over my expectations again to be sure I would get the most out of my session but he explained everything he would be doing and asked what I was comfortable with.  Throughout the massage, I was beyond comfortable and definitely enjoyed the conversation.  This was the first time receiving a massage that the pressure was finally what I needed AND the areas of concern were addressed.

        I could have enjoyed this all day but unfortunately my time had to end.  After, I was asked how my massage was as well as Tom, and then all the membership details for future visits.  Not only was it recommended that I return for addition relief with my injury areas but could I return as frequently I wanted AND receive several benefits of being a member over at Massage Envy.

Recommendation:  I love the quality of products Massage Envy uses, the exceptional service of the staff over at the Rochester Hills location, the quality of the massage itself as well as the individual experience with Tom.  Not only would I recommend this brand as a whole because of their amazing pricing and all around quality, I would definitely recommend the Rochester Hills, MI location.  Above all the previous recommendations, if you choose to schedule an appointment, I recommend scheduling your appointment with Tom.  I will be returning for sure and even have my next appointment already scheduled.  This makes for the PERFECT gift for anyone on your list this holiday.
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