How to Keep the "Lug" out of Luggage to Make Your Next Flight More Enjoyable

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The best way to pack for a trip is to take only the things you need and pack them in an organized way. You don't want to haul around a heavy bag or lose your belongings that haven't been packed properly. Learning how to do this can also help you save on travel budget.

While not everyone is gifted with superb spatial recognition or the ability to make things fit like neat Tetris pieces into their suitcases, there a few tips that may help you in smart packing.

1. Only Take What You Need

What do you need to take on your trip? While your packing list is specific to where you're going, there are a few general considerations that you can keep in mind:

Only take what you will need for your specific destination. For example, you likely won't need parkas if you're taking a trip to Africa.

If it's not disposable and you can buy it at your destination, buy it there. Usually items that you can buy at your destination include things like manual toothbrushes.

Bring things that have meaning. Clothes and a camera will all serve a purpose during your trip.

2. Pack From Large to Small

Large things will typically take up the most room in your suitcase. You can maneuver smaller things into your suitcases and bags after the clothes are packed, and this makes the packing process significantly less frustrating.

Packing large items first may also reduce the number of bags you have to carry.

3. Roll Before You Fold

Folding clothing may seem like the optimal route, but rolling your clothes up into cylinder-like shapes can often allow them to be packed more tightly than if they were folded.

The added side effect of rolling is that your clothing will be less susceptible to wrinkles and creases.

4. Organize

Organizing pouches and packing cubes are convenient and advantageous. Toothbrushes, pens, notepads and anything else that could potentially get lost in a briefcase are best packed in pouches and cubes first.

5. Shoe Bags

Shoe bags are simple plastic bags with drawstrings, and they prevent your dirty shoes from soiling other items in your suitcase.

6. Consider What You Might Bring Back

When souvenir shopping on your vacation, consider how much room you have in your bags and how heavy the desired item is. Allow yourself one wildcard item that might go into a separate suitcase if you're somewhere particularly memorable.

7. Keep Things Light

When trying to stuff your bags, remember that density often translates to weight. Heavy clothing, multiple pairs of shoes, technological devices and more add up. This can make a small suitcase that would normally be light as a feather weigh as much as a block of concrete.

8. One Garment with Multiple Uses

Clothing items that have multiple uses can save on space by being more versatile while taking up half the room.

Keeping Your Next Trip Enjoyable Starts With Your Luggage

While finding a low price airplane ticket is possible with CheapOair, you need to remember to keep your bags just as light and as few as possible. Minimizing your luggage will make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

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