Cruise Vacations Versus Regular Vacations

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Going on a cruise vacation is bound to help you experience a whole new realm of comfort, adventure and relaxation, whether you are travelling alone or with a family. Moreover, cruises are perfect for holidaymakers who want to experience a unique way of sightseeing without ruining their budget. If you are in a dilemma choosing between a regular or cruise vacation, the following factors should help you see why the latter might be the better option:

You get to visit different regions in one trip

When you go on a cruise vacation, you get to wake up to a new horizon every day, not to mention that each stopover offers you the chance to experience some new cultures, and meet new people. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about booking a hotel to spend the night, hence saving you the inconvenience and related expenses.

The luxury

The times of musty, narrow cabins, with foldout bunk beds are long gone and today's cruise ship cabins are more like luxury hotels, and if you wish to have a themed cruise vacation, most of the longstanding lines have a wide variety to choose from. The themes range from golf for those who love the sport to photography for those who love breath-taking photogenic destinations.

A wide range of activities

Most modern cruise ships have lots of features designed to keep the passengers entertained. For those who love sports, some ships have sports features such as surf simulators for those who like surfing, ice rinks for those into skating and ice-hockey, and more. They also have discos, bars, and theatres.


Cruise vacations usually offer all inclusive holiday packages, which cover meals, accommodation and port to port transport. This aspect makes it easier for you to stick to your budget as the basics are already covered. However, if you prefer a holiday with a bit of all round opulence, more inclusive packages are usually available.


The value, adventure and convenience are just a few of the many reasons why cruise vacations are great. They offer considerably much more to enjoy than regular vacations. This is not to mention that their all-inclusive feature is great if you are on a budget.

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