Wyndham Playhouse Square Encore Restaurant Cleveland, Ohio

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        Because of my extensive background in restaurants, I consider myself both the best guest to have at your table or bar because of how understanding I am of the day to day restaurant life as well as the most critical when it comes to certain parts of the experience.  Let me start by saying none of these time frames are an exaggeration as we actually times everything because of how it even started from the beginning.

        Our experience at Encore Restaurant (located in the Cleveland Playhouse Square Wyndham Hotel) started with waiting at the host stand for about 10 minutes.  We were finally greeted and sat by what seemed to be a nice but frazzled server, who explained she would be back to take our order shortly.  After another 10 minutes we were able to order drinks (1 water and 1 Flavored Mojito).  After another 20 minutes, we were asked if we wanted to order food and drinks.  We explained we were still waiting on drinks, to the same server keep in mind, who turned around and grabbed the mojito from the server station (which I had taken notice had been sitting there for all of the 20 minutes while all servers placed orders, menus, and other various items around and over).

        My friend, trying to keep from over reacting, slowing sipped on her melted, mushy mint filled, incorrect drink, while I continued to wait for my ice water.  After another 20 minutes, we noticed that the few (6 to be exact) other tables/guest start to get upset as they were experiencing the same type of service and neglect.  I asked if we would be getting our appetizer or bread shortly, and she responded it had been sitting in back and she would grab it.  I also took note that her response to a nearby table was not as nice, stating "I don't know what you all expect, food takes a long time".

        Our Garden Greens salad was wilted, with two cucumbers, two cherry tomatoes, and light dressing.  Now over an hour and 20 minutes after arriving and 45 minutes after ordering, I was beginning to wonder if we would ever eat.  Finally after several complaints, the manager appeared and profusely apologized stating she was here to help make it better.  Feeling hopeful, I was thrilled to see her bring out our dinner - Grilled Eight Ounce Prime Filet Mignon w/ Béarnaise sauce ($38) and Sautéed Mushrooms and the Honey and Pecan Crusted Chicken Breast ($24).

        I had ordered my steak cooked medium well and upon cutting into it found a rare steak which was also cold.  While it looked amazing on the outside, it just was not the same once cut into.  My Sautéed Mushrooms included onions which I had specifically told the server I was allergic to as well.  The manager returned the steak to be recooked without apology.  At this time a different and concerned server came over and asked if there was anything she could get while we waited since she had overheard the issues with the other server and wanted to help make it right.

        About 30 minutes later, my friend has both finished her meal and dessert (as I told her not to wait on me), only to have my re-cooked steak arrive for the 2nd time.  This time cooked to a medium rare and what appeared as if they had set the steak on the grill for maybe another few minutes.  It was at this point I cut into the steak several times to make sure it was cooked this way throughout.  I snagged the original server and asked her to have it cooked more but packaged to go this time around since we had been waiting so long.

        As I watched a few other tables both return their food for the same reason, complain about the quality of meat, ask for different servers and packages to go because of the issues, I felt completely let down.  I was especially frustrated to find a lack in appearance of the first server or manager throughout the rest of the evening.  The only server who remained calm, with a smile on her face, bouncing between tables was Breanna!  She should have been managing Encore from the beginning and is the only reason I had not walked out at this point!

        Two Hours and 15 minutes after arriving at Encore, I received my 2nd steak packaged to go.  I left without bothering to check it and honestly wanted to return to my room after nothing had been done to make it right.  In my eyes, it would have honestly all been fine had there been smiles, apologies, and even a few table visits from anyone without having to be asked.

        Now, opening my steak in the room trying to cut into the bottom quality meat, I realized what another table had complained about when they said they sent back their steak in exchange for plain chicken.  They had mentioned, "a sour taste, completely chewy, fatty steak quality, which made them sick."  After attempting to cut the steak around the fat and grind, I was able to eat about 4 bites of my almost $40 meal.

        While I am completely aware of the lengthy time it takes for food poisoning of any kind, I want tell you I spent most of my evening vomiting in the hotel bathroom.  Instead of enjoying my evening I was able to at least tell you the bathrooms seemed quite clean from the floor position.  I could not believe the sour taste and poor quality which was being served at what is considered an upscale restaurant.

        From the beginning, service throughout, to the management follow through and even anything after, this was by far one of the worst experiences dining anywhere.  Not only do I plan on never returning to the over priced poor quality restaurant, but I would not recommend visiting the Encore Restaurant to any one of my readers in the area or visiting.
I received a media rate through the travel campaign with New Creative Media to the following attraction.   However, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.  
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