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        I recently visited the Wyndham hotel in Cleveland Playhouse Square with one of my long time friends.  We needed a weekend away from the kids and husbands and the Playhouse Square was definitely the place to go.  After hearing about the "recent multi-million dollar renovation", we were more than just excited.  We were pumped for some spoiling and time where everything would be within walking distance.

        The Wyndham Cleveland at PlayhouseSquare has 205 hotel rooms all located in the heart of PlayhouseSquare.  Being the 2nd largest performing arts center, there are 10 theaters of different varieties within walking distance to the hotel.  There are also several museums, stadiums and entertainment venues surrounding the hotel and are must see's on your trip to Cleveland!
        When I think of Wyndham hotels, I think of more than an average experience from start to finish.  The classic and almost historic look of this beautiful hotel was exactly what we expected when arriving.  Starting with the fast and extremely friendly valet team, we headed in to check in on what seemed to be a busy time for the city.  Packed with people for the local concert, the hotel was actually very calm and quiet upon entering....

        The front desk was a bit of a put off to start the visit as they seemed unhappy for our arrival.  However, we were about to begin our relaxing weekend and figured it was just not good timing.  Upon entering our room located on the 6th we noticed our gorgeous view of the square as well as most of the city and Lake Erie!  The BeWellSM Bedding stood out right away, tempting us to spend the entire weekend in bed!

        With our special welcome reception Friday evening located on the outdoor terrace balcony, we felt beyond special watching the sun fall over the city.  The staff prepared an amazing set of appetizers and drinks for our first meet and greet.  The lighting was magical and the servers/bartenders were beyond amazing.

        With saturday packed full of activities touring around the city, we headed down to the Encore Restaurant for breakfast where we first met one of the best members of the staff.  The Omelette Chef Dell was beyond friendly, hilarious, and very personable!  I love that even though being from an Ohio rival state (Michigan), he found a way to mess around with us, without being serious.  The servers seemed slow, unawake, and miserable to be working.  However Dell, was able to lighten the ambiance of breakfast!

        Saturday afternoon/evening, we decided to rent a movie while getting ready for our dinner.  While I understand the movie rentals are a new trial service, I have to give each of you a heads up.  The quality is that of a piloted copy and that is only after you are able to finally get the movie turned on.  We spent over an hour trying to get through to the front desk/guest services since they NEVER answer the phone, only to find out the movie cannot be rented and charged to the room by hitting agree.  The engineers have to turn it on for each room individually, which was a let down after agreeing to spend $17 on a movie.

        Heading after a long day, looking forward to a gourmet dinner at Encore and drinks at the Blue Bar, we hoped for another wonderful evening at the Wyndham Hotel.  Looking at the menu at some of the amazing choices available, we were beyond excited for a dinner to ourselves!  I wish I could tell you that was exactly what we had, however, I have to say it was almost one of the worst dining experiences I've ever encountered.  Please read the detailed Encore dinner experience in my separate post.

        Even feeling a bit under the weather from the previous night, we decided to explore the hotel for one last time and even attempt one more breakfast at the Encore Restaurant.  Breakfast was of course much better quality and we were able to visit one last time with Dell (Omlette Chef) and Breanna (server).  As we checked out, we were finally greeted by a smiling guest services manager who thanked us for our trip and welcomed us to return!

        Though the scheduled activities were over, there are still a few details I want to share before ending my weekend review.  I have to admit I was a bit baffled by where and what the renovations actually were.  While the hotel bedding was amazing, there were things that really proved to be a big disappointment within the rooms and hotel amenities.  Starting with the elevator doors which were dirty and scuffed all weekend.

        The shower in our room did not drain what so ever, causing us to take a bath built up with who knows what from the drains.  The public bathrooms (outside of the Front Desk/Encore area), were filthy and appeared to have been unattended for multiple days.  Between the water on the floor, bodily fluids, toilet paper, it was really quite scary throughout the weekend.  When I let the guest services know about it, I was looked at with confusion and responded with rudeness, "I guess I'll get to it when I can."

        The pool/spa area was very run down and insanely hot with tiles missing and mildew throughout.  It appeared as if no one had been down to the basement where it was located to clean in ages and the missing tiles throughout the children's play area made me glad my children weren't with me for fear of an injury.  The gym appeared to be completely the opposite and very pristine.  Had I brought my gym clothing, I wish I could have taken advantage of this amenity.

        The customer service of the front desk, guest services, service at Encore, Encore manager (saturday evening) desperately needed improving.  I had several poor experiences with service and food quality at Encore throughout the weekend which I would not consider worth the pricing for Breakfast or Dinner.  With a little training, I'm sure these areas could be easily be improved especially with a few of the stars that shined throughout the weekend themselves (Dell and Breanna).

        After spending the weekend visiting the hotels various areas and amenities including the pool area, Blue Bar, Encore Restaurant, rooms, fitness area and private outdoor terrace, I was disappointed to leave.  From the awesome Omelette chef at breakfast (Dell), dedicated and happy server (Breanna), and the entire valet staff (all 3 days), I truly felt a personal connection with some of the staff at the Wyndham Cleveland.  I hope that these few struggles are only road bumps on the way to the making of a great hotel as I know the recent renovation is a sign the Wyndham Cleveland is trying to bring the very best to each of it's guests!
Room Rates Vary depending on date, # of beds, and room choice.
Valet Parking: $20/day
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