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The Market Garden Brewery
        It is no secret to my readers, we are big entertainers and quite the partiers in my household.  We are also very big on beer and over the last couple years have become more seasoned drinkers.  I find myself drawn to micro-brews a lot more frequently than any of your big name brew companies.

        I can also tell you the older we get, the less we enjoy the big bar scenes!  You are likely to find my husband and I or even a few girlfriends hanging at a local pub or brewery on a weekend night.  We just love discussing the tastes, texture, and strength of different types of brews as well as the types of foods they compliment.

        While in Cleveland, we had the amazing opportunity to visit the Market Garden Brewery for a beer tasting and brewery tour!  The Market Garden Brewery features Cleveland's first American Beer Garden.  Before I start the actual review, I want to point out (and hope it helps) that the about us section is lacking.  While there are descriptions about the originators and staff, there is no history or description as to what a guest can expect when visiting the brewery.

        The lack in description was only a better way to keep this a surprise for all who visit!   The ambiance from entrance to brewery to the basement was that of something you would expect while on vacation at some resort.  The pub area was perfectly lit, very warm and welcoming, and the staff was amazing at every level!  As we toured the different areas throughout, I felt comfortable.

        The tour guides were extremely informative and especially the young lady who was actually brewing the beer in the back of house!  I loved being able to sample the beer while on the tour as well as the Beer Sampler we were given to sip on throughout dinner.  I chose the Fat Bob Imperial Stout, Wahoo Wit, St. Emerics Stout on Nitro, and Pearl Street Wheat.  We were also able to sample the Citramax while on the tour.  I also ordered the Spiced Black Bean Tacos.

        Overall my favorite beer was the Fat Bob Imperial Stout and while I thought the Tacos were absolutely amazing, I figured they would be a bit spicier (but that is just me).  Not only could our party have stayed most of the evening, enjoying good conversation and drinks, but I could see my friends chilling here on a summer evening.  I would definitely like to return with my husband!

Cost:  $9 Spiced Black Bean Tacos (Average Cost Upscale Brewery Prices)
Recommendation:  I definitely recommend visiting the Market Garden Brewery if you find yourself in the Cleveland area!  I absolutely loved the brews and thought the food was pretty good as well.  I would love to re-visit and try even more off the menu!  The prices were as expected for a brewery and the service was exceptional!  If I lived in the area I'd be a frequent visitor!
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