The Benefits of Installing a Universal Wakeboard Tower

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Wakeboard towers starting showing up on the water in the mid-1990’s. While they mimic the look of tuna towers on fishing boats, the purpose of wake towers is to enable boarders to jump clear out of the water and catch the big air above sea level. This is the space where all the best tricks happen.

What’s the Purpose of a Tower?

With a tower, the pull point of the tow rope is typically 7 feet off the surface of the water. A high tow point is best for making jumps because the rope isn’t pulling downward. Raising the tie-off increases time in the air, or hang time. More hang time means more time for the trick.

Spins are some of the tricks that benefit best from a wake tower. Spins can be defined in terms of rotational degrees, such as 180, 360, 540, and even higher. New spins are invented by innovative boarders. Some examples of spins are:

  • Backside:  a spin where the rider rotates with the back of their body towards the boat first
  • Baller: term used for when a rider does the handle pass of their spin by passing the handle between their legs
  • Off-Axis: when a rider does a spin but goes off the vertical axis so the board gets up to shoulder level or above
  • Osmosis: when the rider performs a spin by tossing the handle from one hand to the same hand again, bypassing the other hand
  • Shifty: board is shifted 90 degrees in one direction and then shifted back in the opposite direction
  • Wrapped: when the rider has the rope wrapped around their back before performing a trick

What’s the Purpose of a Pylon?

Pylons provide a higher pull point as well. While they are still used for wakeboarding, towers can provide greater space and flexibility for the sport, both in the water and aboard the boat itself. Since the tower mounts on the hull, interior space remains free. More free space in the boat and swivel heads at the pull point on the tower frame mean maximum rope range.

Functionality and Style go Hand in Hand

Many companies offer a wide range of accessories to add to a wake tower frame to increase its functionality. If you’re looking to add your own soundtrack Bullet Tower Speakers from Big Air will definitely help spice things up. Marine lights add another level of safety.

Safety and performance are key when considering a universal tower. Companies like Big Air offer universal wake towers made from 6061-T6 aluminum. This material provides superior strength with lighter weight. The framework also provides stability within the boat, along with support for getting in and out of the boat. Properly installed, an aluminum wake tower will remain ultra-functional, safe and durable for years of hard play.

Of course, another benefit to installing a universal wakeboard tower is how super tricked out and cool a boat can become in a matter of hours. Its sleek appearance makes a boat look racier even when it is just sitting in the water. Whether you install it yourself or have a Big Air dealer install one for you, a wakeboarding tower can bring your water sport and the entire boating experience to new heights.

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