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Monthly subscription vitamin and supplement subscription box
        It isn't easy to decide on a health or fitness program anymore since there are so many choices available, all promising you the world of health and weight loss.  I am afraid every time I decide to start up a diet to try something new since everything is soooo expensive and 90% of it either doesn't work or it makes you feel like you are on crack.

Bulu Boxes 
*All pictures are from Bulu Box Website since my family devoured the box before I could get my own

        I truly enjoy reviewing these monthly mailing club where you get a whole buffet of items to try out, test, and enjoy before you have to spend the full amount only to find out you dislike a product or the way it works.  When asked if I would be interested in reviewing a box from the company Bulu Box, I knew it would be something I would enjoy reviewing.

        When Bulu Box first arrived in the mail my first thought was the size of the box was extremely small.  However, once I opened it I realized for the cost, it was pretty well packed full.  It included some decent size samples and the cost of nutritional supplements isn't cheap.  Each month, you can count on four to five supplements ranging from vitamins to natural remedies and dieting to sexual health.
        I wish I had been home when my box first arrived as you would have thought my family was a pack of hungry athletic wolves!  The kids broke into the healthy snacks like the Lentil Chips and Hummus, as well as the Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins.  My husband had himself a Kind Bar and the ME Strength powder.  So really the only item left (or at least that I could tell was the White Shield for preventing coffee stains on your teeth.

        Whats special about this monthly membership is that you can actually go to Bulu Boxes website and buy the actual full size product you tried instead of hunting it down instore or they will direct you to the company site where you can buy the product directly.  You can also cancel the month to month membership anytime without any penalty fees.  There is always "a new mix of products for both men and women, including vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition, meal replacement, diet, energy, protein, detox, digestion, sexual health, herbs, natural remedies, endurance and more."
Available to purchase/Cost:  $10/mo or $110 - 1 year subscription
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Recommendation:  This is a pretty cool thing to get into if you are looking to get yourself a little healthier.  I liked most of the products from this month and the ones I didn't I was still glad I was able to try without buying.  I would have liked to see one of the energy drinks included but the kids loved the health snacks!
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