Voda Swim Bikini Review and #Giveaway

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        Since Alana is of course the trendy teenager she is, we are always doing summer shopping for new bathing suits to fit the new styles each year.  I was pretty stoked to have the opportunity to work with Voda Swim for the coming  "Swim, Sun and Fun" giveaway event this year as they seem to be "that" company which has the latest and greatest in all things summer and beachwear!  They sent me over the Envy Push Up ® Wood Bead String Bikini to review which Alana picked out.

Envy Push Up ® Wood Bead String Bikini
        I was a little skeptical of getting her this suit because of how tiny it was and being that my 16 year old looks about 21.  However, I realize as long as she is comfortable and confident in herself, the apparel will fall in line with the personality!  I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived at how it actually fit her so well.  I did order the bottom's in a Classic Cut though to avoid too much butt cheeks showing with the Brazilian Cut.  I am beyond happy that I did too because this style still shows off a little more than I had planned.

        This suit is fully lined and chlorine/salt water resistant with cute wooden bead accents.  "Voda Swim's patent pending Envy Push Up® bikini top is a marvel of engineering and design. It is made to maximize the subtle curves of a smaller bosom, creating a natural looking cleavage, and making breasts look up to two cup sizes larger. There's no stiff padding and no under wire but there is more going on than meets the eye."  I have to agree with the fact that it looks natural and gives a subtle boost.  However, I disagree with the statement that the padding is not stiff when in fact it is extremely thick.

        Alana said she absolutely loved this suit and that it was extremely comfortable to wear around the pool or being active at the beach with her friends.  I think it is pretty awesome that even with the thick padding, you don't feel a huge weight in your top when wet.  This usually messes up the look instantly and you don't have to worry about that with this set.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $120 Envy Push Up ® Wood Bead String Bikini 
Recommendation:  I recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a new bathing suit.  They have a huge selection of suits so you should be sure to find the right fit for you along with the perfect color and or pattern.  It seems that these suits are sized for young adults and (older)teenagers.  I am sure that most can find a bathing suit to fit any style at this site.
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Giveaway:  Voda Swim is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a chance to pick out any suit of their choice to have one of their own!
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