Vacation: Perfectly Defined at Beavers Bend, OK

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If you asked a dozen people to define the word vacation, you would likely get twelve similar answers which include words such as relaxing and fun. Macmillan.com defines vacation as " a period of time when you do not work and you do things for pleasure instead." Oxford dictionaries defines vacation as "An extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home."

Once you rent beavers bend log cabins here, you will likely define the word vacation as time spent at Beavers Bend.

Prior to leaving for a vacation, everyone who is making the trip has their personal preconceived idea as to what they want to do while on vacation. When you're traveling as a family, it is often difficult to fit everyone's desires into a single vacation. However, if you plan to stay in an area where numerous activities are readily available, the chances of everyone having fun are quite high.

Renting a cabin that offers restful seclusion with an abundance of family fun activities just minutes away might well be the most ideal vacation arrangement you can have. Fishing, hiking, horseback riding, picnic areas. playground, miniature golf and a train ride are activities that are sure to delight every member of the family. Once the kids, tired from a day of varied activities, are in bed, the cabin's outdoor setting is perfect for a romantic evening of star gazing, quiet reflective moments and intimate conversation.

Sometimes, it's good to make a quick get-away to a vacation destination that is within a few hours drive from home. These escapes can be made more frequently than a lengthy vacation that requires time off from work and extensive packing. Just think how romantic you will appear when you surprise your partner by whisking them away for a weekend stay at a romantic cabin that offers you an opportunity to get close to nature, experience new challenges together and relax in a hot tub on the deck or cuddle in front of a romantic fireplace at the end of a wonderful, adventure filled day. Surprises like that are not forgotten and the memories made become lasting treasures.

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  1. OMGoodness! We went to Beaver's Bend several times when I was a kid! I remember we always had so much fun. One time, a raccoon became trapped inside the screened-in porch of our cabin. Dad had to climb out a window to open the door from the outside. We thought it was hilarious! (My dad was always one to make a big, funny show out of almost anything) Thank you for reminding me. I will definitely remember Beaver's Bend when we find time for a road trip