PullyPalz Review and #Giveaway

        So having a baby in today's day and age comes with a whole new set of challenges than in the past and a completely different lifestyle.  Women don't stay at home 24/7 anymore and are not the only ones staying home taking care of the children.  Both parents usually travel to work and are more mobile instead of being confined to the home most days.  Traveling with baby safely whether to work or running errands, can create several obstacles.

        These can include things such as keeping them properly secure in a car seat, putting them in a safe and visible spot, and keeping them occupied so as to not distract the driver.  My children were always very big on the pacifier's.  Although we would use the paci clips to keep them in place when traveling, it would still never fail, they'd pull it off or drop it out of sight (even while still hooked to their clothing).

        Thankfully, I was asked to review the PullyPalz. "This innovative, developmentally beneficial toy not only entertains baby, it keeps a pacifier in view and reach!"  What I love is this is made by a parent with the same thought you know every parent has had in mind! You can even fit multiple kinds/styles of pacifiers in the grip part.  So it doesn't matter which brand you use, this will still work out perfectly!

        I am super bummed we didn't have these when my children were little.  The PullyPalz not only are an adorable plush animal for baby to snuggle and play with but also keeps the pacifier in place AND in front view when hooked to the car seat.  No more looking around for it or worrying that your child can't find it on their own.  Now that I watch my nephew constantly as well as my older parents, I can feel confident that he is well setup when in the car seat.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $24.99 MoMo, Puddles or MooMoo 
Recommendation:  These are great and you can even use as a cute combo by turning this into a stroller or bedtime cuddle friend.  I'd say it be worth it to buy at least one, especially for travel in the car.
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  1. My son loves his Cars Pillow pals things

  2. I am trying to win this for our baby that hasn't been born yet. We are due with our first in January!!!