Nectar Sunglasses Review and #Giveaway

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Nectar Sunglasses
        It's Summer so what else is there to do besides spend a ton of time outdoors at the pool, parks or local beaches.  We are an extremely active family which loves to spend every waking moment we can outside.  Not only am a huge environmental hippy but I believe that children who spend their time outdoors as opposed to inside playing video games, are much happier and lead healthier lives.  We are also a family who expresses ourselves by the activities we take part in.

        So when I first discovered the brand Nectar Sunglasses, I thought they would be perfect for my family and our crazy lifestyle.  The first thing you see on their home page is, "ENJOY THE SWEET LIFE, PLAY ON, DO MORE, DO EPIC SHIT, and PARTY EVERYDAY".  Honestly what better words to live by?!  Life free to express yourself the way you see fit and live with no regrets!  I have tried quite a bit to follow this thought process myself and hope that my children can grow older feeling great about themselves in this way!

        In all reality though, It is really important to have the whole families eyes properly protected while still feeling trendy and free to express themselves in a unique way to each of us.  A lot of people don't realize that the cheap sunglasses which are usually sold in novelty stores, contain no actual protection.  They are also made out of crappy materials so they fall apart easily.  Nectar Sunglasses are anything but poor quality AND at an affordable price that someone isn't going to break the bank buying only one pair!

        Nectar has three main styles of sunglasses and one style made specifically for glass artists.  We were sent over a variety of their sunglasses to review for each of us - Coral and Mahalo Sunnies, and the Apollo Aviator Style Polarized glasses.  All of these sunglasses have 100% UV Protection, glare reduction, a scratch resistant film over all lenses, and reduce the chance of  blinding eyestrain off water and snow.

        I have to say when these first arrived, I almost thought they felt like a cheap material because they were all so light weight.  However, after the boys who love to play with them have gotten their hands on them several times, they are still going just as strong!   They even have a third style - "polarized fusion series were created with screw-less frames to give you limitless color combinations.  this means you can change your look on the fly and always maintain that level of swagger you've always envisioned."  This is definitely a cool feature for the trendy teens and hipster young 20's.

        Alana actually had an extremely hard time picking out just one pair as these are all the latest styles and trends for today's younger generation!  I do have to say I'd like to see more of a variety available other than just prints and designs of the  frames themselves.  This style sunglasses doesn't look flattering on me so I had to give mine to Alana (not that she complained).

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $20-$35 Fusion, Polarized, and Sunnies
Recommendation:   I think these are all great and really awesome quality too!  I think that if you are one of those people who buys endless pairs of sunglasses and they continuously break on you, then this is an unbelievable investment to make.  The price is more than reasonable and maybe only a bit more expensive than you'd find at your local store with all the quality and more.  They even have other gear you can purchase like hats, bracelets, t-shirts, and more.
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Giveaway:  Nectar Sunglasses is going to give THREE of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers 2 Pairs of Nectar Sunglasses (excluding Didymium), a Flag, Wristband, Vinyl Decal, Drink Koozie of their own!  There is also an additional giveaway part of the Swim, Sun, and Fun Event where you can find the opportunity to win a 4th Nectar Package in the Grand Prize Package.
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  1. I love the zebra frames they are so cool!!

  2. I'm excited to try the Nectar Sunglasses.

  3. I'd most like to win sunnies. They fit my lifestyle because I wear contacts & my eyes tend to be more sun sensitive.

  4. I like the sunnies, they fit my lifestyle because they're inexpensive.

  5. The most epic thing I have done was to hang our with REO Speedwagon backstage when I was in high school. This is when they were really popular

  6. The pink are too sweet but I like the ones that your fella is sporting they would fit my face better .

  7. I like the Darty Polarized model

  8. so many cute glasses ;) love it

  9. Great selection of sunglasses. I think my favorite is the white LOCAL sunglasses. I like that they are lightweight. Frames that are too heavy give me a funny feeling on my nose! Perfect for driving in the car which I do a lot of!

  10. I really like the Apollo ! They would suit my face best I think. I am in the garden most of my days and they would most certainly keep the glare outta my old eyeballs :)

  11. I would like to try the Nectar sunglasses! These would be great...as I am always outside in the sunny state I live in with my kiddos!

  12. My favorite are the Sunnies in Swag. I love the style and they would be perfect for everyday or a trip to the beach.


  13. I would love the swag sunglasses as I always buy totally black sunglasses whenever I buy them..not sure why I just like the look :)

  14. These glasses are stylish and fashionable. They look like a quality product.