LEGO KidsFest Suburban Collection Showplace Novi, MI

Lego Fest was complete chaos!  There were so many people there it was actually quite intimidating. There were at least a dozen if not two dozen stations filled with different activities and themed projects.  There were challenges and contest running as well as places to sit and watch clips of the LEGO movie/shows.  There were tons of different stations to play and build Lego creations.  This is surprisingly the main thing all the boys seemed to want to do.

I thought that they would be more excited to walk around and see all the Lego figures and displays but mine were a bit more into the interactive things.  I think the bigger and beautifully built figures was more geared towards the older kids not to mention the adults. I was amazed at some of these creations and how much time had to be put into them.

We really wanted to take part in getting to meet and work with a Lego expert which they had available BUT the girls running the line throughout the day had the times completely mixed up.  They were turning people away when they were supposed to be lining up causing some major confusion and crowding around the station as a whole.

The boys had a blast regardless though.  We bought a new Lego storage box filled with over 100 Lego's, two Lego Chima sets and two new t-shirts.  There was a pretty good variety of girl and boy themed kits as well as clothing and accessories.  All in all because of our smart shopping we bought about $100 worth in product/souvenirs but there were some toys/kits that were outrageously priced!

Parking: $5 per car
Recommendation:  I definitely think it was a really cool experience and we had quite a bit of fun! I would be prepared to spend a lot of money and keep an eye on your kiddos since there are so many people in attendance.  It is a bit boring for the adults :(

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