A Box for Survivalists - Survive Monthly #Giveaway

        What will you do when the power goes out like in the popular television show "Revolution"?  How-about when nature strikes and you are forced to live off the land?  What if there really is a Zombie Apocalypse?

        "We live in turbulent times where preparation is the best defense against the unknown. Survive Monthly is a curated collection of the very best tools, guides, and tricks delivered to your door every month. The first boxes ship in July, sign up for our email list to receive priority position on the wait list."

        I truly believe we need to start teaching our children how to survive without all the luxuries they have become accustom to - you just never know what could happen in the future.  So when Survive Monthly recently asked me to host a giveaway and review one of their first couple boxes, I knew it was something I wanted to share with my readers.

        Each box will feature an assortment of 6-7 products which will help prepare you or your family for survival and emergency situations. These will include products like "long-term food kits, to non-battery flashlight radios, to solar blankets."

Available to purchase/Cost:  $40/Month Subscription
Facebook:  Survive Monthly 
Twitter:  @survivemonthly

Giveaway:  Survive Monthly is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a 3 Month Subscription of their own!
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  1. In an emergency, I would grab my family and any survival kits we might have. There's really no possessions that I would worry about.

  2. The one thing I would want in an emergency situation a flashlight. I hate the darkness and I would be petrified without any sort of lighting.

  3. A good,sturdy pair of shoes, you never know how far you would have to walk or run.

  4. in an emergency, it used to be that i would grab my computer tower - it has everything on it! but, now i back up 'to the cloud' LOL so i don't have to worry about it. these days, i think i would grab our marriage license. it's beautifully framed and i think would make a neat heirloom. i'd certainly like to keep it!

  5. The first thing we grab is the lantern.

  6. I subscribed with respect4thequeen@hotmail.com First thing for us is a light source and water

  7. My kids and if I had time my kids favorite stuffed animal, one for each. If we lost everything they comfort them.