Cool Gear Inc. 16 oz. Can + 22 oz Vortex Review and #Giveaway

        As many of you know I am extremely green friendly and using reusable cups and water bottles is just one small thing I can do to help out in a big way.  My family very rarely uses paper/plastic anything because I won't let them.  Dane is frequently yelling at his grandparents about all the things they could be recycling that they aren't which makes me so proud!

        Dane is about to turn five and knows how important this is for all of us to take part in.  This almost brings tears to my eyes each time he asks questions about cutting down trees or polluting our oceans - yes he actually discusses these topics frequently.  I was very excited to receive two new and awesome products from Cool Gear recently.

        Cool Gear provides all sorts of eco-friendly products that just about anyone can use.  They have everything from reusable cups and self filtering water bottles to salad containers and ice blocks for entertaining.  Its great see such a variety from a company trying contribute in a fun way to the three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle).  "Since 1986, we have been conceptualizing and developing ideas, turning them into products and bringing them to the marketplace. We deliver innovative and imaginative products to the marketplace while providing a 100% customer satisfaction policy."

        I received the coolgearcan™ and the 22 oz Vortex to review which perfectly complimented a few other Healthy Living gadgets I happen to be reviewing at the same time!  The Vortex mug/cup is truly a sleek design.  Whats great is it has double wall insulation so I can keep both hot and cold beverages at the correct temps.  The spill proof design saves me tons of stress since I carry my beverages every where I go and we know what a hazard the little ones can be!

        Now the coolgearcan™ I found to be especially "cool" as I had actually bought one from Target a while back.  It conveniently fits in most cup holders and works great for me when making my own soda (from my Soda Stream machine) to car just like I would any other can.  The difference is this is reusable and I don't have to worry about taking cans back to the recycling center to get my can deposit back!

        Although this one has a Spill-proof slider lid, I wouldn't recommend shaking this upside down over your computer or anything.  Both glasses are BPA Free but the coolgearcan™ should be hand washed only whereas the Vortex cup can be easily thrown in the dishwasher for clean up.  The coolgearcan™ also comes in a TON of different patterns and colors so you could have a hard time deciding on just one like we did!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $11.99 -  22oz Vortex 
$9.99 - 16oz coolgearcan™
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Recommendation:  I would recommend these "cool" products to everyone and anyone.  Cool Gear not only makes a difference but can also save you money.  Each time I check out their site they have new creative products for everyone and anyone to use - kids or adults.  Over the last few years I have bought myself several other Cool Gear products when I find them in stores.
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Giveaway:  Cool Gear is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a 16oz coolgearcan™ of their own to try!  This will be part of the Keep the Bubbles Flowing Giveaway Event which begins later tonight!

Giveaway #2:  Cool Gear is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a 22oz Vortex of their own to try!  This will be part of the Blended for Success Giveaway Event which begins 2/21/14!

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