PhoneFetcher, KeyzPleez, + Music Compact Review and #Giveaway

        I don't consider myself to be a purse chick.  Yes, I use one always and even have two technically since I carry around my coupon binder bag as well.  I refuse to be one of those chicks paying hundreds of dollars for a purse every other month.  Although, I will splurge on cute wallets to change out and accessories to keep my purses trendy.

        I used to have the most organized purses too where I knew where everything was at all times.  However, that all changed as soon as I had children.  Not only has my purse become a dumping ground for the most random sh!t but I seem to have never lost the pregnancy forgetfulness.  That being said, I can NEVER find the things I need in my purse and constantly forget where I put them.

        There is nothing more irritating than hearing your phone ring and not being able to find it (that is of course until it stops ringing and you have to call the person back).  And forget about how fun it is to stand outside in the freezing cold searching for your car keys with two kids nagging at your side.

        I was super excited when I was asked to review the PhoneFetcher, KeyzPleez, and the Music Compact!  The "Fetchers" are basically a leash for your important items!!  The PhoneFetcher is approximately 15 inches in length so you can easily find your phone when ringing and answer it comfortably.  There are even 18 gem/bling colors to choose from to perfectly fit your style!

        The KeyzPleez is the same concept and works great for those women who toss their keys into the bottom of their purse and can never seem to dig them out easily!  This is something which worked perfectly for my teenage daughter who constantly loses her house keys in her backpack!  This 12 inch bungee style tether comes in 9 color options.

        The Music Compact comes from a company called Jellyfish Buzz and is an adorable way to listen to music while being the ultimate girly girl!  Just connect to your phone or mp3 device and listen away.  There is a built-in rechargeable battery which holds up to 4 hours of play time.  My only complaint about this one is my compact didn't close all the way to keep clean inside Alana's purse.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $14.99 PhoneFetcher
$12.99 KeyzPleez 
$24.99 Music Compact  from Jellyfish Buzz
Recommendation:  I don't know that I would say the Music Compact is a must but the PhoneFetcher and KeysPleez are definitely a great idea to have on hand for most anyone!
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Twitter @jellyfishbuzz

Giveaway:  PhoneFetcher is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers the same pack of items as I received (PhoneFetcher, KeyzPleez, and Music Compact) to have of their own!
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  1. I would probably win this for my daughter. She is constantly losing her keys but then she has trouble finding her phone too. So either one of those would work for her or even me for that matter.

  2. I genuinely enjoy the giveaways. You always have a good variety of products and I enjoy seeing the reviews on new products

  3. I would really like the Keyzpleez because I am always digging for them in the bottom of my purse.

  4. I love the music compact the best, i would use it all the time!

  5. I like all that you do and the blogger M.O.O.N network.

  6. I am constantly misplacing my keys so the KeyzPleez will be awesome to help me keep track of them!

  7. Which of the items in this package do you think you would be most likely to use and why? I would like the KeysPleez. My daughter in law is bad about tossing her keys in her purse then digging for them. Yesterday she had to pull several items out so she could see to find her keys. Im sure this would be very helpful for her.

  8. the phone fetcher sounds pretty awesome and useful!

  9. The item that crawls around the most in my purse is my cell phone, it tries to get to the very bottom in the farthest corner from where I am looking for it and it is a pain to try to find it, I would love to try this PhoneFetcher, so I could just pull and follow the fetcher to the phone..

  10. My favorite item is the Phone Fetcher. I too miss very call because I can't find my phone in my purse.

  11. I definitely need the phone fetcher..i am always setting it down somewhere and forgetting about it

  12. The KeyzPleez! I always lose my keys in the bottom of my purse.

  13. The PhoneFetcher! My phone is forever lost in my purse.