Ellore Femme Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case Review + DEAL

Ellore Femme
        Alright, now you all know I am not one to wear a ton of makeup, if any even at all!  However, I come from a family full of females not to mention my girlie friends and teenage daughter!  I know there are certain items you just can't skimp on as well as those that certain women are particularly fond of.  One of which is your makeup brushes.  Every woman should have a great set of brushes specifically for them ONLY!

        This is why I was thrilled when Ellore Femme asked me to review their Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case.  Alana has been asking for a set especially which she can travel easily with for over a year now.  Each flag competition she would go to over the weekend, she would complain about how difficult it was to get herself ready with things being loose in her makeup bag as well as the brushes she had were old and falling apart,

        The Professional Makeup Brush Set comes packed with 24 different brushes, each designed for a special job.  Once this arrived she truly had no excuse not to do her makeup properly as these cover just about everything you can imagine.  Whats even better is the fact that they come in a fold-up PVC case so there is no searching desperately to find the one you are looking for.
        You also don't have to worry they could damage in transport as each brush is secure.  Each brush is made from "a luxurious blend of soft animal hair and synthetic bristles."  The brushes in this awesome kit include:

Bevel eyebrow/eyeliner brush
Concealer brush
Eyebrow and eyelash comb
Eyelash brush
Eye-shadow brush
Fine eyeliner brush
Foundation brush
Highlight brush
Large bevel contour brush
Large eye-shadow brush
Large powder brush
Lip brush
Medium bevel eyebrow/eye shadow
Medium bevel eye-shadow brush
Nose-shadow brush
One large fan-shaped extra-powder brush
Powder and blush brush
Small bevel eyebrow/eye shadow brush
Small fan-shaped extra-powder brush
Sponge eye-shadow brush
Two medium eye-shadow brushes
Two small eye-shadow brushes
Roll-up leather case

Cost/Available to Purchase:  US $149.99
Coupon:  My Readers save $120 Off Ellore Femme 24 peice makeup brush set with promo code BL29 making these $29.99 with the Promo Code 
Recommendation:  Whether your a real girlie girl or just looking to do things the right way, this is going to be the set for you!  You are crazy to pass up on such a steal!  I am planning on buying a few more sets to use as gifts at this discounted price!

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