A Beer Drinker's Guide to Drinking and Enjoying Fine Wine Book Review and #Giveaway

        I am a beer drinker and not your run of the mill lagers, but craft beer.  I have many friends that tell me I am a beer snob because it has to be a special occasion for me not to be drinking a craft beer of some kind.  From milk stouts, barrel aged beer, sours, or Whittier just to name a few, I just prefer these above all others.  I even have a beer cellar of over 6 cases of beer, of various makes and breweries (many of them are even rare to obtain beer).  In addition to my large collection and love of beer, I also have an extensive red wine collection.

        What I have always found intimidating about wine is all the rules about tasting, or how people who know about wine talk (although, I'm sure my friends say the same about me and beer).  I was super excited to receive the book A Beer Drinkers Guide to Knowing and Enjoying Fine Wine in exchange for writing a review.  I have actually been looking for a book that I could read on this subject without being bored or feeling like it was above my head for my level of wine drinking.

        This book is an easy going introduction to both wine and beer, showing all the comparison's that they have in regards to how many different types of beer and wine are available in the world.  It helps to understand each of these with their unique flavors and aroma's.  It doesn't have the snobby feel like most wine books I have tried to read have which make me feel as though I am below even reading them.  The book discusses all the different types of grapes and how or where they are grown can affect the taste of the wine being made.  It's just as how beer is affected by the hops that are used and the type of yeast is used in fermentation process.

        I absolutely love how the relaxed feel and flow of this book makes me actually want to learn more about wine and get involved in enjoying it a lot more than I do.  This book had a way to explain wine drinking and tasting in a way that feels comfortable, even to a novice beer or wine drinker.  Since I am familiar with beer terminology, having home brewed for a couple years as well attending beer festivals and talking with other beer drinkers and home brewers, I found this book very relatable,

        However, even if I didn't have prior knowledge this book explains things and makes them attainable for the everyday person who is looking to learn more or break into the beer and/or wine tasting world.  After diving into this book, I have gained a better appreciation for wine.  I still love me my Cabernet, but I am open to trying other types of wine, just as I am open to trying all types of beer.  I am so excited for others I know to read this book and learn a little more about beer and wine.

Available to Purchase/Cost: $15.10 
Recommendation: I really loved this book and how easily it was to read and understand comfortably the world of enjoying and drinking wine.  I highly recommend reading this book if you are curious about the fuss of wine drinking and beer.
Giveaway:  Smith Publicity is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a a copy of A Beer Drinker's Guide to Drinking and Enjoying Fine Wine Book to have of their own!
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  1. my husband likes just about any dark beer and he loves trying anything imported.