Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank Review and #Giveaway

        So we have always joked with our friends and family about having our own mini zoo at home, and even at one point I was banned from going to places like Petco on the weekends because I would constantly bring home rescues.  At one point I think we have 4 dogs, 2 cats, a snake, and dozens of mice which we were breeding for the snake.  Now thankfully we have dwindled down to only two dogs, a cat, a snake (with no mice).

        We love the thought of having more tank pets since they are so much easier to care for.  So when checking out a couple ideas online I discovered a company called Jellyfish Art and I was immediately in awe.  The thought of having jellyfish as pets seemed to be unattainable and one of those items you only saw in beautiful resorts or high rise office buildings.
        Not with Jellyfish Art though, they supply you with everything you need too get a tank started.  There are four levels of tank and supplies to choose from depending on what you want and how involved you want to be with your tank.  These range from a very basic setup to one which makes maintenance quicker as well as includes addition tank 'friends'.

        I was sent over the Desktop Jellyfish tank, 2 Small Moon Jellyfish, and a Large Moon Jellyfish.  Wow!  I cannot explain to you how amazing these creatures are in person!  The pictures online do NOT do them justice!  They truly are quite majestic and mesmerizing to watch.  I also have to add I love that the species is MOON being that is my companies acronym.

        Although so far I have been excited about this who setup, I must tell you be prepared and educate yourself before making this type of purchase.  This is in no way an easy pet to take care of OR an easy display for others to gaze at.  Jellyfish, although hard to kill, are very delicate and require quite a bit of maintenance.

        We took our time before their arrival setting up our tank with the right amount of salt and correct temperature.  We also educated ourselves as a family on everything involved with keeping these new family members healthy.  But like I mentioned before there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for how absolutely beautiful they are upon arrival.  Their intricate structure is only a hint of how high maintenance they are.

        Jellyfish are kind of lazy and unintelligent creatures which literally float around and knock into things.  They can potentially get sucked into the current or filters and can easily tear if they hit the substrate.  They also require you to squirt their food directly into their tentacles in order for them to eat (this is not a live food).

        However intense the maintenance is, these are completely worth every bit of work.  Its such an amazing thing to watch the food travel up their tentacles and into the four stomachs.  Because they are clear the food glows with the beautiful lights in the tank.  It is absolutely mesmerizing and even relaxing to watch these creatures float around under the soft glow of the tank.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $285 Desktop Jellyfish Tank
Recommendation:  I know I seemed across the board on this review and its only because I think if it were up to my husband he would say no to doing this again because of the work it entails. However, I personally feel like its worth every penny and effort made to have such a unique creature in my home!  This would make for the ultimate Christmas gift for the aquatic or exotic person in your life!
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Giveaway:  Jellyfish Art is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's VERY lucky readers a Desktop Jellyfish Tank of their own!  This giveaway begins 12/3/13 so don't forget to come back and enter to win!!

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  1. These sound fascinating, I love seeing jellyfish at aquariums. I'll have to think about whether I could train my neighbor to take care of them when we are gone. She does an awesome job with the cats!

  2. This is incredible! I had no idea you could own a jellyfish! My granddaughter is wanting a fish & I think this would absolutely thrill her on Christmas morning!