Disney On Ice Celebrating 100 Years of Magic - The Palace of Auburn Hills, MI

        One of those shows I've always been curios about going to, and even before having children, has been Disney on Ice.  You always hear some truly amazing stories or see beautiful pictures in advertisements.  Personally, I have always been amazed to watch the professional ice skaters and all they can do while on ice!

        Thankfully this fall, my curiosity was given a chance to be put to rest!  I was asked to head over to The Palace of Auburn Hills with my family to view this years Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic!  "Join the celebration as 65 of Disney's unforgettable characters from 18 beloved stories come to life in Disney on Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic."

        I have to say when I first found out we would be going Kevin wasn't too thrilled as he isn't used to watching the cartoons 24/7 like I am.  Once I told both boys though, they barely shut up about it all week!  Dane acted as if he was nervous to see all the characters "in real life".

        Upon arrival, I was a bit disappointed in myself since we hadn't even thought to dress either of the boys up in costume.  There were tons of little girls dressed like princesses and boys in costumes like Toy Story or Mickey! It was adorable to see all the children's eyes sparkle as they walked around in awe!

        The ice stage was beautifully set with a castle where all the characters slid in and out of for their appearance.  Each and every skater/actor was amazingly graceful.  It was almost surreal as you watched the flawless performances.  There were times that the entire ice rink was covered in props and characters showing the talent these skaters have when there is little room or space for error!

        The only thing we noticed was the boys (especially Declan being only three) didn't seem as into some of the performances as they were unsure who the characters were.  Declan was constantly asking when Princess Sophia would be coming out.  Of course both Kevin and I were familiar with each and enjoyed a little sparkle in our eyes too!  We are hoping to attend the Disney Jr. on Ice - Princesses and Heroes in November possibly as at the age the boys are we think they will appreciate that much more!

        I was thoroughly disappointed at the pricing of any type of souvenir for this event.  Things like a small bag of popcorn in a small reusable bag OR a bag of cotton candy with a plastic Minnie mouse head band/plastic crown were $12 and a snow cone inside a souvenir cup was $15.  I even expected higher prices for something like Disney but I just couldn't believe they were that outrageous.  Had we bought both boys a souvenir and maybe a beer or even a pop for us, I think we might have been broke by the end of the night!

Entry Cost: $20-$55 depending on seat location
Parking at The Palace: $10/per vehicle
Recommendation:  I thought this was beautiful!  If it weren't for the high costs I would say attend this in your city no matter who you are!  Regardless, if you have children I think this is something you would want to see at least once in your lifetime!

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