SafetyTat DinoMite Emergency Tattoos Review and #Giveaway

        I first heard of SafetyTats when I started doing research online for the safety tattoos and such.  I have both boys who had a few wondering off instances at public places (Declan of course more than Dane).  Now that I have two little ones it can sometimes be hard to keep track of both when they both want to play and do things on their own.

        Now if I go somewhere with high traffic or very large such as a theme park, I always bring a partner to help me keep track.  I worry quite a bit about my children being snatched up because lets be honest it usually happens when you least expect it and unfortunately every parent worries or should be worried about their children's safety.
        I had a friend who had used permanent Marker on her kids arms in these public situations and recommended I do the same.  I wasn't a huge fan at first because this can always wash off or smear (even though its not supposed to).  And really!?  Who wants to teach their children its ok if MOM AND DAD write on you, just not when you do it yourself.

        Thankfully I discovered SafetyTats and they actually sent me a request recently to complete a review of their products.  Although, I haven't traveled anywhere over the last couple weeks I have been thinking about letting my teenage daughter take the boys alone this year since she is too old to go on her own anymore and this will be her excuse to still trick or treat!
6 pack Boy-Girl Variety Design Pack
        I was excited to read that the idea of SafetyTat was born for the same reason I was concerned with writing on my children's arm myself!  Feeling overwhelmed and annoyed at the same situation, a mother just like me decided something better could be made!  "SafetyTat uses medical-grade, hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive on all products."

        All SafetyTats are easily applied (but read your specific type of Tat directions).  These are also water resistant so they should last between 1-3 days, although they may fade over this time frame.  I love that their names are NOT even an option to be added which is important so no stranger can come up to my child and pretend to know who they are!
Alert Nut Allergy: Two lines of customization
        We chose the two line Dino Triceratops Tat since our boys are huge dinosaur fans but there is a huge variety of choices for just about everyone!  SafetyTats also prints any medical safety tattoos and tats for seniors as well as makes anywhere labels and birthday packs.

Cost/Available to Purchase:  19.99 - 24 pack 
Recommendation:  I would recommend anyone with a little one take the time to get a set of these because they WILL come in handy and WILL give you a little more piece of mind taking your child in public next time!!
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Giveaway:  SafetyTats is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Quick Stick Write-On Multi 6-pack of their own!
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