Boggy Creek Airboat Rides - Orlando, Florida

        My family has frequented Florida ever since I was a baby for a variety of reasons.  We travel there at least once a year if not more so I almost feel as though I am no longer a tourist but a temporary resident.  I even had several friends live there throughout and after college.  So when we decided to take our yearly trip this year I decided it was time to start sharing all the exciting activities there are for people to do when they visit.

        Several years go on our yearly trip we happened to be in Orlando during a terrible and huge everglades wildfire.  It was the most unique and saddening thing I have ever seen.  I tell you this because during that visit we happened to visit the Boggy Creek Airboat Rides and had the experience of a lifetime!

        This year we decided to revisit the attraction again since the boys were finally old enough to appreciate the experience.  We are huge fans of the tv show, "River Monsters" and watch it almost nightly as a family.  I figured it would be surreal for them to see some of this wild life up close and in a real life environment.

        Boggy Creek offers airboat rides during the day and even night excursions as well as up close and personal moments with the wildlife.  Most importantly though, the boys were able to hold a real baby alligator which they loved.

        Unfortunately our experience this year was a little disappointing as we saw almost no wildlife other than birds.  Please don't take me wrong though as this was not due to the fault of our tour guide as he tried everything from gator calls on his cell phone to pulling the boat as close as possible to the nests as he could.

        During the time of year we chose to visit it happened to be the nesting season where most momma's were hiding out with their new babies in the nests.  The scenery was amazing and the amount of information our guide shared with us was irreplaceable.  This was such a unique experience to actually be a part of this environment and it's inhabitants instead of just watching on television.

        The boys were even freaked out they felt it was so up close and real.  I especially loved being able to touch, hold, and learn about the baby alligators after the ride.  The boys thought it was amazing and even asked if we could "get one" or "take one from the tank home".  We loved our picture the most and just had to bring one home to remember the experience!

Entry Cost: 30 minute daytime ride - Adults: $26.95 / Child: 3-10 $20.95
Recommendation:  Honestly this is something you would normally see TV and even if you are an Orlando resident.  Its a relaxing side of the ever so hectic state that everyone can enjoy.  All of the souvenirs as well as the concessions were extremely reasonable and definitely not priced as if you were at any type of Orlando attraction!
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