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Universal Orlando
        My family has frequented Florida ever since I was a baby for a variety of reasons.  We travel there at least once a year if not more so I almost feel as though I am no longer a tourist but a temporary resident.  I even had several friends live there throughout and after college.  So when we decided to take our yearly trip this year I decided it was time to start sharing all the exciting activities there are for people to do when they visit.

        Since I can remember I have always been a fan of roller coasters and theme parks.  My parents would take us every where with them as soon as we met the height requirements.  If we were close enough they'd make sure we had on our high tops or extra socks to boost us up that extra inch!

        Ever since Universal's Islands of Adventure first opened in 1999, we have been going there on our yearly Florida trips!  We love sharing the experience with any friends and family we bring along to the theme park.  I love the six (now seven with Harry Potter) differently themed islands all with amazing attention to details.

        It seems as though there is something for everyone at this theme park whether it's the The Incredible Hulk Coaster®, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man® 3D, Poseidons Fury® Show, or the Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls®!  Although there are several areas themed for children, I would say they are better geared towards the "big" kids.

        Its almost a world that takes me back to my childhood every time I visit.  Our favorite ride used to be the Dueling Dragons which has been updated since adding The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ and is now known as the Dragon Challenge.  Although I am not really a fan of the popular Harry Potter, this is definitely one of those extremely detailed areas you just have to see!

        My only disappointment is that they changed the original Dueling Dragons concept to no longer run side by side which defeats the whole purpose of the original dueling part.  That was one of the things we truly enjoyed when we would head to the park!  Needless to say, this was out first year we chose to only ride this one once.

        I can't believe I am going to say this but the costs are actually reasonable for this type of park and there are even ways the park encourages you to save money such as the clearance shopping options in most every novelty shop.  Or even purchasing the souvenir cups which refill for 99 cents throughout your visit.  They even have have Meal Deal options!

Entry Cost: Single -Day Admission 
$92 Adult
$86 Child
Single Day 2 Park Admission
$125 Adult
$122 Child
Admission is free for guests 2 years old and younger
Parking: $16.00 or $5 after 6pm and FREE after 10pm
Recommendation:  I could write about this park all day long and go into detail on each and every aspect of it.  However, you would still need to visit to know how awesome the place is!
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