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Universal Orlando
        My family has frequented Florida ever since I was a baby for a variety of reasons.  We travel there at least once a year if not more so I almost feel as though I am no longer a tourist but a temporary resident.  I even had several friends live there throughout and after college.  So when we decided to take our yearly trip this year I decided it was time to start sharing all the exciting activities there are for people to do when they visit.

        With heading to Universal Islands Adventure as you may have read in my previous review, we couldn't avoid heading over to the original part of the park Universal Studios Orlando. Now this is of course one of those theme parks made specifically for the movie buffs out there!

        Now I have never been a huge fan of the 3D rides because of having motion sickness but this is the place to help anyone get over that! Constantly being updated with the biggest movies of the time Universal Studios has exciting rides and shows for all ages!  What's great is your family can feel as though they are a part of the actual movies and even meet their favorite characters up close and personal.

        We were there for the grand re-opening of the Simpson's area where you can try real things like Duff Beer and whatnot.  We enjoyed the Shrek show which we had been to before and the Despicable Me 3D ride is a great one if you get the chance to catch the line at a good time where you don't have to wait too long.  We were of course beyond psyched about the new Transformers ride being opened this year as we we are OBSESSED with the movies as a whole family!
        We loved being able to have our pictures taken with characters like Optimas Prime and our boys favorite Bumble Bee.  The ride was phenomenal making you truly feel as though you were a part of saving the world with the Autobots.  We felt as though we could have spent hours in the gift shop buying up most of the items!

        The only complaint we honestly had was the fact that the park as a whole was out of several souvenirs which they were still advertising for.  It just seemed odd that they wouldn't remove them from display if they weren't in stock.  Plus several of the staff explained they had been out for weeks even.

Entry Cost: Single-Day Admission 
$92 Adult
$86 Child
Single Day 2 Park Admission
$125 Adult
$122 Child
Admission is free for guests 2 years old and younger
Parking: $16.00 or $5 after 6pm and FREE after 10pm
Recommendation:  I could write about this park all day long and go into detail on each and every aspect of it.  However, you would still need to visit to know how awesome the place is!
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  1. I want to go here SO bad. But I think we are gonna wait until the kiddos are a little bigger so that we can leave them behind with grandma and have an adults-only funday hehe